Definition of topstitch in English:



  • Make a row of continuous stitches on the top or right side of a garment or other article as a decorative feature.

    ‘topstitch around the cuff’
    with object ‘topstitch the scallops near the edge’
    ‘decorative topstitching emphasizes the lines of the blazer’
    • ‘Its flat edge was created by topstitching around it.’
    • ‘Now topstitch about 1 3/4 ‘from the edge of the fold.’’
    • ‘At the neckline edge, fold 3/8 ‘to the wrong side and, on a conventional sewing machine, topstitch the neckline.’’
    • ‘Finger-press and topstitch as much as possible to make the seams lie flat.’
    • ‘These needles are an especially good choice for heirloom sewing and when perfectly straight stitching is desired - such as for topstitching or making pintucks.’
    • ‘Lap a pocket flap over the fringe seam allowance and topstitch in place.’
    • ‘From the garment right side, topstitch the left-hand side of the zipper (the overlap) starting at the lower end.’
    • ‘Be sure that you're happy with all construction stitching and pressing before you begin topstitching.’
    • ‘Serge the edge with a 3-thread overlock stitch, fold the edge over, then topstitch.’
    • ‘Enclose the raw edges of all three curtain layers in the seam allowances at the tape lower edge and topstitch according to the manufacturer's instructions, turning in the raw edges at the unfinished tape end.’
    • ‘Turn up the hem 1 1/2 ‘and topstitch with a twin needle.’’
    • ‘To mimic a ready-to-wear coverstitch, use a contrasting texturized nylon in the bobbin and topstitch with a double needle on the garment wrong side.’
    • ‘Place trims under the band opening end and topstitch in place before joining the remaining pillowcase seams.’
    • ‘Using a long stitch, topstitch 1/8 ‘from each side of the side seam, stitching across the seam at the slit upper edge.’’
    • ‘The bag is fully interfaced, reinforced, topstitched, and lined with loud Alexander Henry deco-style printed cotton.’
    • ‘For the girls, the colours are subtle with rainbow blocks, patchwork, topstitching, embroidery and prints in a variety of style.’
    • ‘For a denim bag, press the seam allowances to one side and topstitch near the seam, catching the seam allowances underneath.’
    • ‘A key trend is tucking the pant in the boot to create a long lean look, so it is a must to show off boots that are embossed, repousséed and topstitched.’
    • ‘Steam-press the sections in place, then topstitch 5/8 ‘from the decorative edge.’’
    • ‘Press the seam allowances open and topstitch with a long straight stitch on both sides of the seam, being careful not to stretch the fabric while stitching.’