Definition of topple in English:



  • 1Overbalance or cause to overbalance and fall.

    no object, with adverbial of direction ‘she toppled over when I touched her’
    with object ‘the push almost toppled him to the ground’
    • ‘Alec arrived in time to catch his father from falling as he slowly toppled to the ground.’
    • ‘She fell onto the ground, and I watched as the punch bowl toppled off the table and onto her head.’
    • ‘He reeled up and toppled over backwards, banging his head on the edge of a chair.’
    • ‘A random air movement or passing lorry will cause it to topple: it could fall in any direction with equal probability.’
    • ‘It is broken and caused my wheelchair to topple over backwards.’
    • ‘While doing so he overbalanced, toppling 22 feet to the ground below.’
    • ‘Jeff topples over backwards, and stops moving.’
    • ‘I managed to sit down a little heavily into a canvas director's chair, causing me to overbalance and topple over backward.’
    • ‘She fell against them and the basket fell, toppled to the floor.’
    • ‘The Dean's chair tips, and he topples over and falls, landing on the floor.’
    • ‘Fleet went toppling over backwards, sending his armful of cannonballs clattering across the deck.’
    • ‘It was awkward to get the tall man comfortable and Ikeda worried fleetingly about toppling off the table, but once it was done he felt all the better for it.’
    • ‘Seiji struggled to reclaim his arm, but in doing so, caused all packages to topple over and fall to the ground.’
    • ‘He uttered a faint, choking gasp, and toppled over backwards, stiff as a board.’
    • ‘Finally the glass stopped over the letter E before toppling off the table and shattering on the stone floor.’
    • ‘Sometimes the gradient becomes so steep that I worry about toppling over backwards.’
    • ‘He was still in the interrogation room, but the chairs and the tables had toppled over.’
    • ‘Before Todd could find out, he heard a scream from above and tables toppling over.’
    • ‘I clutched the edge of the table to keep from toppling off of my stool.’
    • ‘She yelled, toppling and falling face down on my bed like a gymnast gone horribly wrong.’
    fall, tumble, overturn, overbalance, tip, keel, drop, pitch, plunge, capsize, collapse, founder, plummet, dive, lose one's balance, go head over heels
    knock over, knock down, upset, push over, tip over, upend, capsize
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    1. 1.1with object Remove (a government or person in authority) from power; overthrow.
      ‘disagreement had threatened to topple the government’
      • ‘Hacking out that kind of boilerplate is a long way from almost toppling governments, but it beats driving buses, I guess.’
      • ‘Nothing would make me happier than if the most powerful state in the world was committed to spreading democracy and toppling vicious governments.’
      • ‘He said the last thing premiers can afford is to be blamed for toppling the federal government.’
      • ‘It has shown mass action from below can topple governments and inflict a defeat on big business policies.’
      • ‘After joining another group, the kid realizes that toppling the government may not be such a good idea.’
      • ‘Miners spearheaded a strike wave that toppled his government three months later.’
      • ‘This gave the military a veto over the cabinet, and the power to topple governments.’
      • ‘An increasingly politicised population has shown its continuing capacity to topple unpopular governments.’
      • ‘It would be foolish to say that this divide doesn't exist any more (it does), but it's no longer the kind of explosive issue that topples governments.’
      • ‘The second is demographically significant and can topple governments.’
      • ‘All the usual things that spark civil unrest and topple governments.’
      • ‘Does it then follow that we ought to endeavor to topple authoritarian governments, in order to secure peace?’
      • ‘Yet none of these protests gathered enough support to topple the government.’
      • ‘You agreed that everyone voting against the government did so with the intention of toppling the government.’
      • ‘There is no question, we can topple any government we want to in the region.’
      • ‘I think this is as good as it's ever going to get for the Bloc - so why would they risk toppling the government?’
      • ‘That rising toppled the government, but the new one continued the same policies as its predecessor.’
      • ‘The strike action, which was intended to topple the government, shut down most transport across the country.’
      • ‘There he is drawn into the coup that topples the civilian government.’
      • ‘Field soldiers during the cold war, some hold dark secrets that could topple governments.’
      overthrow, oust, depose, unseat, overturn, bring down, overcome, bring low, defeat, get rid of, dislodge, eject, supplant, dethrone
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Mid 16th century (in the sense ‘tumble about’): frequentative of top.