Definition of topping lift in English:

topping lift


  • A rope or cable on a sailing boat that supports the weight of a boom or yard and can be used to lift it.

    • ‘Appropriate exit sheaves, swivel exits for topping lifts and spinnaker halyard blocks are provided.’
    • ‘Furthermore, an additional bending moment in the derrick is prevented by the topping lift tackle acting on the crab.’
    • ‘There were no topping lifts fitted and the booms landed in your lap the moment the sails were lowered.’
    • ‘Thanks to everyone who responded to my question about a topping lift to hold up the boom on my Capri.’
    • ‘When not used as a halyard or topping lift it stows at the mast and is ready for any emergency use.’
    • ‘The sail was furled with the boom too high or, put another way, with the topping lift too tight.’
    • ‘He looks at me with a big grin, says ‘Okay,’ and lowers the boom as well because he didn't fasten the topping lift.’
    • ‘You could also attach the halyard or topping lift to the point on the boom where the sheet attaches, as well.’
    • ‘Much easier to tighten up the topping lift before dropping the sail and be done with it.’
    • ‘Their inboard ends have thimbles through which the standing parts of the topping lifts are rove.’
    • ‘My 32’ sloop has a halyard type topping lift along with an excellent rigid vang.’
    • ‘The reason for the snap is so you can undo the topping lift while sailing in moderate to heavy winds.’
    • ‘Preset the length of the topping lift by clipping the pole to the mast ring padeye at the midpoint of the pole.’
    • ‘Swiveling attachments for mainsheet and topping lift are required for use with roller-reefing goosenecks.’
    • ‘A great guide for determining pole position is to place a telltale on the topping lift a foot up from the pole.’
    • ‘If the boom is used only for lifting and swinging, the topping lift is replaced by a fixed stay.’
    • ‘If you don't have a topping lift, then you either have an inmast furling main or no Dutchman flaking system.’
    • ‘To answer the question… a topping lift is ok to use on the whisker pole, just a little cumbersome.’
    • ‘Most topping lifts are not strong enough to support the boom when lifting an engine out of the cabin area.’
    • ‘The 10-18 foot pole is so heavy it really needs the topping lift to support the outboard end.’
    rope, cord, line, guy, piece of cordage
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