Definition of topper in English:



  • 1A machine that cuts the tops of weeds.

    • ‘Malone Engineering currently produces post drivers, toppers, log splitters, power-type transport boxes in a range of sizes.’
    • ‘This ensures better results when using soil-engaging equipment, fertiliser spinners, yard scrapers, mowers, toppers, tedders etc.’
  • 2US A hard protective lightweight cover or shell mounted on the back or bed of a pickup truck.

    • ‘It's especially important if you have a gooseneck hitch in the bed of the truck that you need to get to and likewise sometimes need the topper cover.’
    • ‘Ever notice how the rear door gasket of most toppers wears the paint off the tailgate?’
    • ‘It's not always easy to crawl around retrieving items from the bed of your truck, especially if it has a topper.’
    • ‘The truck had a topper on the bed, and he locked the thing.’
    • ‘Incidentally, the truck topper isn't designed for either of those pick-up trucks.’
    • ‘A 2-inch link keeps the bracket below the top of the tailgate for pickups with toppers.’
    • ‘Below is a picture of the garbage in question: A camouflage fishing boat (littered with empty beer bottles), the boat trailer and a truck topper perched on top if it.’
    • ‘When I got the truck back from the topper installer, I noticed that the workers had made a bunch of dents when they stood on the gate to work on their install.’
    1. 2.1 A type of camper van mounted on a truck bed.
      • ‘My goal will be to plant shrubs and grasses to not only provide cover for the deck posts but, if possible, be tall enough to block our view of Mr. Napper's fishing boat, trailer and truck topper.’
      • ‘Then there's a small fishing boat leaning against his garage and the unsightly fishing boat sitting on a trailer, with truck topper perched on it, on our property line.’
  • 3informal A top hat.

    ‘he raised his topper to her’
    • ‘And let's make sure the ordinary regular punter is not sidelined by jolly boy once-a-year penguins in their toppers!’
    • ‘A huge amount of work has gone on behind the scenes, to which we ought to doff our hat, whether it be a topper, a fascinator or a baseball cap.’
    • ‘Very few of them, no matter how poor, are bareheaded: the men wear flat caps, bowlers, straw boaters, trilbies, toppers, the women shawls or floral hats.’
    • ‘The benefits to the city could well continue long after the fashionable hats, toppers, tailcoats and cut-glass accents have gone back to more familiar haunts further south.’
    • ‘Two toffs were promenading towards Knavesmire, attired in shiny toppers and spotless tails.’
    • ‘A magician's black topper isn't the only hat Pipia wears in Port Townsend, Washington, though.’
  • 4British dated, informal An exceptionally good person or thing.

    ‘‘She was a topper,’ he said with emotion’