Definition of topological in English:



  • See topology

    • ‘His idea was to use a topological - functional approach to the study of differential equations.’
    • ‘There is a third way in which topological concepts entered mathematics, namely via functional analysis.’
    • ‘The object of the course was to study the modular group and some of its subgroups, with help of algebraic rather than analytic or topological methods.’
    • ‘This work continued through the early 1930s then in the late 1930s he studied ordered topological vector spaces.’
    • ‘Most of the features for surfaces appearing in this book are closely related to topological geometry.’
    • ‘One of the main problems has been and remains the classification of these algebras as intrinsic algebraic and topological objects.’
    • ‘Euclidean geometry studies Euclidean-space-structure, topology studies topological structures, and so on.’
    • ‘The author has succeeded in writing a book understandable to readers with very little knowledge of functional analysis and topological vector spaces.’
    • ‘In the first addition most of the topological concepts are dealt with in an supplement to Volume 3.’
    • ‘He constructed the classifying space of a topological group and gave a geometric realisation of a semi-simplicial complex.’
    • ‘They have very rich topological and geometrical structure; they may possess peculiar properties that do not occur in ordinary L p spaces.’
    • ‘He gave a topological characterisation of the plane which simplified considerably the Jordan curve theorem.’
    • ‘Three important papers on plane topology proved the topological invariance of the dimension of the square.’
    • ‘In this work he coined the now familiar term topological algebra but the thesis is memorable in other ways too.’
    • ‘He seems to be just as good at bringing mathematics to life, especially rather elaborate topological constructions.’
    • ‘He discovered characterisations of topological mappings of the Cartesian plane and a number of fixed point theorems.’
    • ‘Morse theory is important in the field of global analysis which is the study of ordinary and partial differential equations from a global or topological point of view.’
    • ‘However he continued to work on topological ideas, in particular embedding complexes in Euclidean space.’
    • ‘He worked, in particular, on the theory of topological and metric mappings on 2-dimensional space.’
    • ‘Before 1920 he had shown that the homology of a simplicial complex is a topological invariant.’