Definition of topographically in English:



  • See topographical

    • ‘In addition to being surrounded by hills and wetlands, Ife is distinguished topographically by a sizable hill at its center, which takes on the attributes of an island.’
    • ‘With charged lipid membranes (no protein whatsoever), electrostatically driven adhesion to solid-like substrates can be topographically dynamic in the contact region.’
    • ‘Replicas of statuary by Michelangelo, Bernini, Thorvaldsen are all over the place, artistically as well as topographically, with inscriptions lauding ‘This Sublime Work’.’
    • ‘The Missouri Synod, the Southern Baptists, or the Russian Synod Abroad can withstand modernity to a greater degree because they are creedally if not topographically provincial.’
    • ‘I would remark that, topographically, Modern London is essentially Protean, and there can be no finality in its depiction.’
    • ‘The North Course stretches some 7,177 yards over a topographically diverse piece of real estate with big elevation changes, a meandering creek and hundreds of native oak trees.’
    • ‘The only significant natural damaging action, in the current climate, is erosion by topographically canalised rain water, mostly confined to becks and burns.’
    • ‘When Tuvalu gained independence in 1978, the natural issue it confronted was how to stay afloat financially, not topographically.’
    • ‘My eye was drawn next to the pointed Lion's Head mountain, also overseeing the city, and I traced its mane into the rump of Signal Hill, completing a trio that help make Cape Town one of the most topographically beautiful places in the world.’
    • ‘It is important geologically, historically, topographically, ecologically, socially and spiritually and is very beautiful.’
    • ‘The southern, topographically highest parts of the Mpuluzi batholith are made up of coarsely porphyritic monzogranite characterized by abundant microcline megacrysts.’
    • ‘Yutaka Sone filled the first-floor annex gallery with a simulated jungle grown up around a pair of topographically accurate relief sculptures of the Los Angeles freeway, meticulously carved in pure white marble.’
    • ‘The topographically higher parts of the Mpuluzi batholith are made up of mainly massive, fine-grained leucogranite intermingled with irregular pods and dykes of pegmatites.’
    • ‘The fact that the two TIMS ages overlap at 1 SD and that stratigraphically the samples derive from a palaeo-shoreline topographically higher than the MIS 5 shoreline lead us to the conclusion that the dates are reliable.’
    • ‘It's a really interesting area, topographically even, with all the wild mines and huge manmade mountains.’
    • ‘Re-development should be encouraged in the topographically highest points, rubble from the destruction should be ‘greened’ and then pulverized for landfill to help raise lots.’
    • ‘The lingula and the flocculo-nodular complex are related topographically and functionally, all of them being archicerebellar and all of them making predominantly vestibular connections.’
    • ‘A watershed is a topographically delineated area and is a geo-hydrological unit that is drained at a common point, that is, a stream or a river.’
    • ‘The response needs to be topographically correct and others need to be able to identify it as such when it occurs.’
    • ‘Behaviors that may be considered ‘impulsive ‘comprise a topographically diverse set.’’