Definition of topmost in English:



  • 1Highest in physical position; highest:

    ‘we watched a squirrel negotiate the topmost branches of a nearby tree’
    ‘the topmost part of the atmosphere of these planets’
    • ‘The topmost cave appears to have entombed high-ranking individuals.’
    • ‘Its location on the topmost floor of the Metro Centre should symbolically put the centre on top of council affairs.’
    • ‘The olive trees on the topmost terrace look tousled; the silver undersides of their leaves are far more visible than usual.’
    • ‘The topmost level contains facilities for doctors on call.’
    • ‘The flood apparently started when someone used excessive force to flush a shared toilet on the fourth and topmost floor of the building.’
    • ‘This one limits itself entirely to the topmost tier.’
    • ‘We can study only the topmost part of the atmosphere of these planets directly.’
    • ‘The choicest and strongest tea is made of the topmost and tenderest buds of the plant.’
    • ‘Resting there, and holding on to the topmost pinnacle with his left hand, he drives his sword in three or four times, repeatedly.’
    • ‘He could see the walled orchard, the sun glinting on the topmost leaves of the apple trees.’
    • ‘Each atoll is the topmost point of a submarine pillar of limestone extending several thousand feet from an extinct volcano.’
    • ‘Racing to the Ferris wheel, Pete glanced up at the topmost cage.’
    • ‘He thus followed her one dark Saturday night to the topmost tower of their castle.’
    • ‘Dark clouds were already piling in the north, and wind was beginning to whip the topmost branches of the trees by the barn.’
    • ‘Circulation is from the top downwards, with visitors transported up through the atrium in a bank of lifts to the starting point of the exhibition route on the topmost floor.’
    • ‘Our campfire we put on the topmost ridge, giving us an expansive, heart-lifting view toward the west.’
    • ‘Indeed, photosynthesis in the topmost leaves, at about 360 feet, scarcely occurs at all.’
    • ‘Those cues continue inside, right up to the exposed roof trusses on the topmost floor.’
    • ‘The banyan tree stood above all, its topmost branch trying to reach out to the sky.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, a stapled set of pages are shown just by the miniature of the one page which happens to be the topmost in the pile.’
    highest, top, uppermost, upmost, upper, furthest up, loftiest
    foremost, leading, principal, pre-eminent, greatest, top, finest, worthiest, highest, elite
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    1. 1.1 Highest in status or importance; foremost:
      ‘the rider's safety must be the topmost priority’
      • ‘Nobody denies that the topmost task of the Labor Ministry is to serve the interest of workers.’
      • ‘This is the first election after that and the security of the U.S. and of American citizens is a topmost concern.’
      • ‘In connection with riders, motorcycle boots are their topmost choice.’
      • ‘Among those infected were several scions of the topmost aristocracy who were being educated abroad.’
      • ‘First and foremost, the leadership of the Pentagon needs to get to the bottom of this and indicate that it's their topmost priority.’
      • ‘It was confirmation that we were moving, which was my topmost fear.’
      • ‘One of the most admired castles, it is a symbol of the topmost defence creation by medieval man.’
      • ‘These four topmost secrets in page layout are so crucial that to break them may spell disaster or the end of your precious site.’
      • ‘I would also suggest a connection-it is no accident that child poverty is not topmost on the Washington agenda.’
      • ‘The role of Abby is considered the topmost role in American theater for any actress.’
      • ‘Nor was this confined only to the topmost echelons of society at Rome itself.’
      • ‘This works well if the topmost countries can create new industries and products.’
      • ‘He said providing education to physically challenged children was our topmost priority.’
      • ‘Her topmost priority is to incorporate practical aspects connected with all-round personality development at the school-level, in her institution.’
      • ‘Brahma, the topmost material entity, has a life span equal to the life of the universe.’
      • ‘Cephalopods were among the most highly developed animals and the topmost predators in the free water column during long intervals of the Paleozoic.’
      • ‘The desire to help treat his 4-year-old son became his topmost priority, such that he sacrificed everything and went to the hospital for the blood transfusion.’
      • ‘Education is one of the topmost tools that can be effective in the prevention of child labour.’
      • ‘The ever-worsening economic situation is certainly regarded as the topmost among many factors that have caused the administration to rapidly lose public support and confidence.’
      • ‘Nonetheless, at a time when health care organizations are under intense pressure to do more with less, employee morale is one of management's topmost concerns.’
      foremost, leading, principal, pre-eminent, greatest, top, finest, worthiest, highest, elite
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