Definition of topically in English:



  • See topical

    • ‘The Casino Avenue Crackpot Idea Of The Year Award has a new front-runner - and, topically, it comes from an MP.’
    • ‘Soak plantain seeds overnight in warm water and apply the resultant gel topically.’
    • ‘A striking red or pink flower with an edible root, it's eaten to ease all upset stomach and applied topically to relieve aching muscles and increase blood circulation.’
    • ‘Apply the oil topically twice a day and give one gel cap daily.’
    • ‘More topically, I have a backache and I could really use a massage.’
    • ‘Whether you take aloe vera as a drink or use it topically, it's important to buy a good-quality product.’
    • ‘It may be used topically, but must be diluted before use on the breast or on any mucous membrane.’
    • ‘In keeping with their attitudes about copying, I will now lift from their web site a topically amusing story.’
    • ‘In other studies, recombinant human granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor was administered topically to wounds.’
    • ‘It's working on a VEGF booster that can be topically applied to diabetic ulcers, which are painful wounds that patients with diabetes often develop on their feet.’
    • ‘Curcumin may also be applied topically to animal skin to counteract inflammation and irritation associated with inflammatory skin conditions and allergies.’
    • ‘I need to figure out a way to list my blogs topically, rather than by date.’
    • ‘I'll spare you the individual punches, but it was a very fickle and pointless affair centred topically on the BBC website.’
    • ‘Another agent, zanamivir, is effective but must be given topically (intranasally or via inhalation) or parenterally.’
    • ‘Matured biwashu can be used internally or topically in the mouth or on the skin.’
    • ‘Although local anaesthetics applied topically may in theory cause sensitisation, this rarely happens in practice and they are helpful, particularly before micturition or defecation.’
    • ‘Preparations of fresh juice from Calendula officinalis preserved in alcohol, known as Calendula succus, are used topically to promote wound healing.’
    • ‘The purely chemical antioxidant role of MLT may be involved when it is used locally or topically at sufficiently high concentrations because of its low toxicity.’
    • ‘So I guess what I'm trying to say is I do have a voice, but I'm using it to talk topically about war games rather than pretend I have any impartial thought on the matter.’
    • ‘If the Olympic Games' five gold rings are topically festive then so is a pantomime villain.’