Definition of topicality in English:



  • See topical

    • ‘There are many great qualities about the work, but what strikes me today is its topicality - like all great works in social science, Smith's observations are constantly relevant.’
    • ‘Bit late, this one, because this is usually a Christmas conscience thing, but the tsunami benefit concert handily brings it into topicality.’
    • ‘His eminence has endured - his topicality has not.’
    • ‘The decision about which books to buy, the court said, is necessarily a selective decision, in which only a small fraction of all possible books are chosen (based on quality, topicality, accuracy, and so on).’
    • ‘We are looking for celebrity, style and topicality.’
    • ‘At worst, his topicality could be seen as opportunistic, but he was clearly a great believer in his convictions, throughout his career.’
    • ‘Although the process - 25 writers, scripts on spec, one day of filming per episode - suggests that topicality rules, the stories based on current issues were the most clunky.’
    • ‘The Baghdad Blog had both content and topicality: it used web technology, because no other technology would achieve the effect.’
    • ‘One of the occupational hazards of writing a fortnightly column is that the quest for topicality becomes a risky business.’
    • ‘Given the topicality of these issues, it would be fascinating to be a cyberfly on a high-tech wall 100 years from now, and to see the reaction to this ‘historical archive’ if it were to be repeated on a Sunday morning for a new generation.’
    • ‘When he sits back on his Philippine island or Tuscan hilltop and sees the world in a grain of sand, and tells us where he's been and where he's going, he bypasses the isms and topicality of the age.’
    • ‘The irony is that despite the political topicality, his script dates back to a time when virtually the only chance a playwright had of getting his work on a big stage was via adaptations of famous books.’
    • ‘The sense of topicality, of playwrights engaging with matters of public concern, helps override the structural weaknesses from which both plays suffer.’
    • ‘A topicality regarding the question of problems with regard to religious freedom in Bulgaria is given by at least one of the criticisms levelled against the country.’
    • ‘The reason they chose the issue was its topicality.’
    • ‘Adoption offered Trollope the fraught emotional scenario necessary for one of her contemporary morality tales and that other magical ingredient: topicality.’
    • ‘Though it gives a further twist to the themes of illusion, desire and so forth, the novel has a reality of its own that doesn't need banal topicality tacked on.’
    • ‘But despite its topicality and breadth, this book fails disappointingly to fulfill its considerable potential.’
    • ‘It still fulfills that role, but the show, with its mix of humour, topicality, and semi-reality, has also evolved into a self-referential soap opera about the channel itself, not to mention required viewing for many Trinidadians.’
    • ‘For a start, the report has come out five months after the election, virtually guaranteeing its lack of topicality.’