Definition of topazolite in English:



mass noun
  • A variety of andradite (garnet) that is yellowish green.

    • ‘Gem varieties include topazolite, similar in color and transparency to topaz; demantoid, a green variety with a high dispersion and adamantine luster, sometimes miscalled olivine and Uralian emerald; and black melanite.’
    • ‘Most non-Russian stones are so yellow (the result of coloring by iron as opposed to chromium) that they should perhaps be called topazolite, a greenish-yellow andradite.’
    • ‘This topazolite thumbnail is from one of the few good locales for this variety of andradite - San Benito County, California.’
    • ‘Schists and serpentines yield the demantoid and topazolite varieties of andradite.’
    • ‘The variety topazolite rarely occurs in crystals large enough to be worth faceting, and is thus rarely seen in jewelry.’
    • ‘The light colored andradite varieties topazolite and demantoid occur mainly in serpentinites and chlorite schists.’
    • ‘The name topazolite is considered obsolete by many, with yellow andradite or yellow demantoid being preferred names for the stones described.’
    • ‘A number of obsolete and superfluous names have been assigned to Franklin andradite, among them are the polyadelphite of Thomson, melanite of Seybert and Seymour, and also colophonite, topazolite, and titanmelanite, all of obscure origin locally.’
    • ‘There are varieties of andradite that include, demantoid, which is the most valuable of all garnets, melanite (opaque, black), and topazolite (yellow).’
    • ‘The yellow kind of andradite known as topazolite would be an excellent gem-stone if only it were found large and transparent enough.’
    • ‘Some other popular names for garnets in this group are: rhodolite, hessonite, melanite, topazolite, andradite, and tsavorite.’
    • ‘These fluids have brought about emplacement of cinnabar and metacinnabar at New dria, altered serpentine to calc-silicate assemblages (these include melanite and topazolite garnet, diopside and vesuvianite), reacted with serpentine to form coalingite and artinite and altered some of the Franciscan blocks.’


Early 19th century: from topaz + -lite.