Definition of top table in English:

top table


  • The table at which the chief guests are placed at a formal dinner.

    • ‘The 19-year-old right back has only just got his feet under the top table at the Reebok but he is already setting himself targets for the new season.’
    • ‘Yet those marital miss-outs, decked out in puffs and lavished in lavender, can at least boast a summons to the high altar and a seat at the top table.’
    • ‘But for those dining at the top table on a regular basis, parochial battles are just one more meal to be devoured.’
    • ‘Britain counts for little and Scotland could forge alliance with other small nations to ensure that its interests were not neglected at the top table.’
    • ‘When we had finished with the photos, we took our place at the top table and I declared the buffet open and we still think ourselves lucky not to have been crushed in the stampede!’
    • ‘The only answer is for Scotland to have a voice at the top table through independence.’
    • ‘Then I thought about my husband sitting on the top table with all the guests and family around, listening to the speeches, but without a bride.’
    • ‘Since the late 1990s, the discussion of health issues at G8 summits, the World Economic Forum, and other high level meetings signals that health is increasingly on the minds of those at the top tables.’
    • ‘Coming from such a starting point, it could turn anyone's head to be treated by Washington as a special, privileged partner, a great power at the top table.’
    • ‘Here, there is something the G8 could usefully do, which is to recognise that if Moscow has a place at the top table then so should Beijing.’
    • ‘While the Government may be keen to trumpet the success of its favoured specialist centres, looking at the basic GCSE and A-level results the top tables were however dominated by the private schools and the grammars.’
    • ‘They opted for a reception with 13 people at the top table and guest tables were named Black Cat and White Rabbit.’
    • ‘Frankly, there were and are too many good old Jeffreys around the top tables of the metropolitan elite.’
    • ‘Each table will have three balloons and there will be a couple of balloon trees at the top table.’
    • ‘At Cancún the Group of 21 might be seen as taking advantage of the trade wars between the USA and Europe to secure a better hearing at the top table.’
    • ‘Who should sit at the top table of world politics?’
    • ‘The biggest drama and most of the interest is looking towards to the foot of the table to see who is doomed and who is looking like they will be dining at the top table for another season.’
    • ‘The puppet was waved around in front of the Scottish parliament's presiding officer, who was a guest at the top table.’
    • ‘The on-going argument about sitting at the top table of world excellence is a budgetary battle for the cabinet table.’
    • ‘Though I can't speak for the top table of course!’


top table