Definition of top kill in English:

top kill


mass noun
  • A procedure designed to seal a leaking oil well, whereby large amounts of a material heavier than the oil, e.g. mud, are pumped into the affected well.

    • ‘If BP's top kill method to plug the oil leak doesn't work, we're looking at what other options might be available.’
    • ‘The pipes were initially installed several weeks ago for the "top kill" procedure, which was unsuccessful.’
    • ‘BP is focusing on its top kill strategy now.’
    • ‘This weekend, the company is preparing to try a top kill where they'll pump heavy drilling fluids into the well and try to seal it with cement.’
    • ‘I'm told that information related to top kill is now considered stock-market sensitive.’
    • ‘BP also was considering installing a 'top kill’ device, which would send a heavy liquid into the well to reduce the flow of leaking oil.’
    • ‘The dome procedure began two days after a maneuver known as a top kill was aborted late Saturday, when officials were unable to stanch the flow of oil with heavy drilling mud and other materials.’
    • ‘Unlike the top kill procedure, which BP attempted in May, the Macondo well is now capped, albeit only temporarily, so is no longer flowing.’