Definition of top flight in English:

top flight


the top flight
  • The highest rank or level.

    • ‘It is surely only a matter of time before Ballinacourty hit the big time once more in the top flight.’
    • ‘The match will see two of the defenders who helped guide City into the top flight in 1999 reunited.’
    • ‘Three seasons later the club won promotion to the Third Division and the trip to the top flight was gathering speed.’
    • ‘I certainly wasn't the highest paid player at the club and there was a great desire to be promoted to the top flight.’
    • ‘All-in-all it has been a tremendous first season back in the top flight.’
    • ‘Still, the players who do stay on know St Johnstone are unlikely to buy their way back into the top flight.’
    • ‘The club said they felt their chances of a quick return to the top flight would be enhanced by a change of manager.’
    • ‘Keeping their club in the top flight is the single most important event.’
    • ‘As far as education went he was among the top flight at the schools he attended.’
    • ‘The Midlands club, who haven't been in the top flight since 1984, want it so badly it hurts.’
    • ‘Although Cartmel had most of the play a draw was a fair result, leaving Cartmel the only unbeaten side in the top flight.’
    • ‘He has been the top marksman for the side since they returned to the top flight in 1999.’
    • ‘At the recent Awards Night the club were among the top flight of award winners.’
    • ‘Certainly it would appear that the club has a crop of players that will sooner or later be plying their trade in the top flight.’
    • ‘This will be their fourth meeting in the top flight with the scores currently level.’
    • ‘After a 12-year absence, it was fantastic to walk on to a cricket pitch in the top flight again.’
    • ‘Once more the top flight's longest-surviving team are looking over their shoulders.’
    • ‘Swapping the top flight for the First Division means that for the first time in his career he is a part-time player.’
    • ‘Testing ourselves against opposition of this quality is one reason why we need to bounce back into the top flight.’
    • ‘The newly promoted Kirkstall Educational and Rawdon both failed to register a victory in the top flight.’


  • attributive Of the highest rank or level.

    ‘a top-flight batsman’
    • ‘This means primarily top-flight red Bordeaux, Burgundies and wines from Italy and a few premium wines from Australia.’
    • ‘In the main, Scottish football supporters have kept faith with the top-flight clubs.’
    • ‘After much thought, here, on the right, is my dream team from the last 25 years of English top-flight football.’
    • ‘This is a small country with a minuscule customer base for sport at a time when top-flight football is growing ever more expensive to maintain.’
    • ‘Nor is its reputation likely to attract top-flight bankers.’
    • ‘However, using the cookery school kitchen as a vantage point you can feel the pressure behind the scenes in a top-flight restaurant.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, some of the top-flight players who have been in York for the UK event are extending their stay in Yorkshire.’
    • ‘It has a huge market opportunity and a truly top-flight management team and is making real progress.’
    • ‘He moved the ball around off the pitch and found holes where they shouldn't exist for top-flight batsmen.’
    • ‘More top-flight hip hop from this outsized L.A. posse who have probably never taken an unintelligent breath.’
    • ‘The top-flight studios are expensive because they provide highly pampered services.’
    • ‘The difficulty is that top-flight graduate students are difficult to find.’
    • ‘She also earns a few extra dollars as a top-flight financial advisor.’
    • ‘Blackburn is by far the smallest community in England to sustain a top-flight football club.’
    • ‘The problem is that motherhood does not easily combine with a top-flight career.’
    • ‘They were top-flight journalists and editors from newspapers and magazines!’
    • ‘For now it's all systems go for a new season in top-flight football.’
    • ‘More than 680 frames of top-flight snooker were played in 47 matches over 12 days in York last year.’
    • ‘The lack of a lucrative cup run and a money-spinning tie against a top-flight club was also evident in today's published figures.’
    • ‘He brought me to Blackburn from Celtic and then brought me up to Newcastle and gave me my first real start in top-flight football.’
    superior, upper-class, first-rate, high-quality, top-quality, high-grade, excellent, select, elite, exclusive, choice, premier, top, top-flight, grade a
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