Definition of top banana in English:

top banana


  • The most important person in an organization or activity.

    • ‘I had done films with Sony and I know Howard Stringer who is now top banana.’
    • ‘You so want to be top banana right now you're a bit driven, Majesties.’
    • ‘We're going to be looking at the top banana, the big kahuna, the cream of the crop.’
    • ‘Before the day runs out, Hugh - the top banana in the free-agent fruit basket, according to many - will have received the first in a host of serious sales pitches for his services.’
    • ‘She will be top banana for the new entity, assuming CEO and Chairman duties.’
    • ‘The current top banana at Westminster was Porter's golden-boy back in the 80s at the start of his political career.’
    • ‘Impressively, if royalty impresses you, it bore the ER royal crest and contained the top banana's first invitation to Buckingham Palace for a press briefing on the impending Golden Jubilee celebrations.’
    • ‘TJ, the top banana of the organisation, the big cheese if you like, will be hosting an open day.’
    • ‘Fingers are being pointed at the top banana in the Tory campaign, who is an Aussie.’
    • ‘The company is now chaired by the former top banana at Asda, the supermarket chain now controlled by Wal-Mart.’
    • ‘We are apples and oranges who need to knock the top banana off of his pedestal.’
    • ‘And Harry Reasoner's going to be the top banana, but he's too nice a guy.’
    • ‘From top banana to bit player - hey, work's work.’
    • ‘The all-time top banana of videogame movies will no doubt be Halo (DVDs).’
    • ‘You have to ask if his joining the English national squad where he played one indifferent game in South Africa has given him the same pleasure he got from being top banana back home.’
    celebrity, famous person, very important person, personality, name, big name, famous name, household name, star, superstar, celebutante, leading light, mogul, giant, great, master, king, guru
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