Definition of top (or full) whack in English:

top (or full) whack


  • The maximum price or rate.

    ‘the car has a top whack of 107 mph’
    • ‘Although this remains the case in Scotland, councils in England can now charge up to 90% of the full rate, while councils in Wales can levy the full whack.’
    • ‘They charged me for the full whack, the bastards, and I never went back.’
    • ‘They do this by passing on the full whack to borrowers, but only slightly increasing their savings rates.’
    • ‘Why should people who drive cars over 2.7 metres in length have to pay the full whack?’
    • ‘Unless you're paying top whack, you will be unlikely to get a hotel right in the centre of the city and some of the economy deals put you in hotels a long way from the action.’
    • ‘I've never seen that guy give anything less than his full whack for Celtic Football Club.’
    • ‘There's no point in being unrealistic and believing you can charge top whack for a so-so property.’
    • ‘This product is fiendishly difficult for consumers to understand and value, so dealers charge top whack for it!’
    • ‘They paid no attention whatsoever to the opera, so I hope they forked out full whack and regretted it.’
    • ‘But on a road, even a long one, even a long downhill one, 80 is your realistic top whack.’
    • ‘It helps me always to keep in mind, for example, a nurse doing long hours in an intensive care ward, and paying her full whack of tax.’
    • ‘I became bored so I turned up Amy's car stereo to full whack.’
    • ‘After two years training at college and five years experience on the job you can get up to £14,000 a year top whack.’
    • ‘Impatient studios adamant on a simultaneous release, or something close to it, pay top whack to complete dubbing and subtitling quickly, and are unable to recycle prints as they did in the past.’
    • ‘Asustek is best known for producing good products at top whack, but this leaves it vulnerable to lower-price, bigger volume rivals.’
    • ‘At the end of the period you have to pay the full whack of the remainder.’
    • ‘The fact that a department has not spent its full whack within a given financial year doesn't mean that it cannot find a use for the cash in future.’
    • ‘If you continue to have tax deducted at source by your Irish employer, don't worry as you won't have to pay the full whack of income tax in the UK.’
    • ‘I have adopted a valuation for the finished shell of £60,000 (which is top whack in my view).’