Definition of top-up in English:



  • 1An additional or extra amount or payment that restores something to the level that is required.

    ‘they will miss out on hundreds of pounds worth of pension top-ups’
    as modifier ‘top-up fees for university students’
    • ‘The kettle is also receiving regular top-ups of water, as I make myself a plentiful supply of large mugs of tea.’
    • ‘True, sometimes they had to go back for top-ups, but came back smiling every time.’
    • ‘I didn't quite get the Easter holiday weekend provisioning right so I had to take a trip down to Boston for a top-up this morning.’
    • ‘Meredith believes that with the right approach and care the treatment can have long - term effects, albeit with one-monthly top-ups.’
    • ‘For real specifics, you have to leave the centre, driving along roads dominated by recklessly driven minibuses, past vendors selling roast corn and mobile-phone top-ups, to the shanty town of Kibera.’
    • ‘Carol still returns to the clinic every three to four weeks for a top-up session to stabilise her condition.’
    • ‘It was only last week that I was permitted to venture out alone to Safeway to shop for a top-up of essential items.’
    • ‘We had a couple of drinks and chatted in the captain's cabin, and as he handed me a top-up he tried to kiss me.’
    • ‘Two solid silver pots contain Earl Grey - the Queen's favourite brew - and hot water for a top-up.’
    • ‘The beauty of the treatments, explains Stephanie, is that they are quick, non-surgical and temporary - unless you continue with regular top-ups.’
    • ‘New glasses carried round on trays, arriving as top-ups straight from the bottle, ferreted away from shelves as soon as it had been put down by an unsuspecting guest.’
    • ‘The usual charge per tyre is between £1.50 to £1.75 for the initial fill (because the tyres have to be removed and cleaned), after which top-ups are free.’
    • ‘Here, you can walk the echoing caves, then hop on another craft for a quick top-up of your tan.’
    • ‘Once the initial treatment is finished, you will need top-ups every two years or less, depending on your skin type.’
    • ‘I flaked out long before that, and announced my need to go back for a top-up nap.’
    • ‘Buy their refill size and get unlimited top-ups!’
    • ‘Starting to suffer from taxi lag, but champagne top-ups soon restored energy levels.’
    • ‘With overnight top-ups every 18 months or so, the effect should last for years.’
    • ‘It is well stocked with crucians and tench and has just received an additional top-up of big crucians.’
    • ‘The college also offers the chance for HND students to upgrade their qualification to a degree with a further top-up year of study.’
    1. 1.1 A quantity of a drink that refills a partly full glass or cup.
      ‘he headed back to the bar for a top-up’
      • ‘Strain into two glasses and top up with champagne or sparkling wine, depending on preference.’
      • ‘Pour in beer stir and serve with remaining beer for topping up.’
      • ‘Top up with 1/3 bitter lemon/lemonade and add a wedge of lemon.’
      • ‘These in turn are topped up with wine from the third oldest casks, and so on until the newest casks - from the current vintage.’
      • ‘If your drink has been moved, looks topped up or tastes funny then don't drink it!’
      • ‘There isn't even someone waiting to top up my coffee.’