Definition of top-ranking in English:



  • Of the highest level or quality.

    ‘a top-ranking technology firm’
    ‘top-ranking military commanders’
    • ‘One of Egypt's top-ranking admirals would be participating in sailboat races on the Nile River the same day.’
    • ‘York's independent cinema is to benefit from a slice of £6 million from a top-ranking technology firm.’
    • ‘Originally, Stanley donated this trophy as an award for Canada's top-ranking amateur hockey club.’
    • ‘Wardens and top-ranking corrections administrators from Arizona, New Mexico and Maryland sat in the outdoor patio under heat lamps.’
    • ‘Cooperatives are organized to maximize economic returns for members, not top-ranking executives or distant investors.’
    • ‘The chief information officer and chief compliance officer, who were the top-ranking project sponsors, spoke at the communication sessions in an auditorium.’
    • ‘This is a top-ranking public university located in a major urban centre in the northeastern region of India.’
    • ‘Also prominent at the event were the flag officer for the fleet, Rear Admiral Eric Green, and other top-ranking officers.’
    • ‘He is a top-ranking artist who has made it good in Mumbai.’
    • ‘A lot of top-ranking people within our party weren't at all impressed by what happened at the selection convention.’
    • ‘Some top-ranking government officials still lack a proper understanding of the industry.’
    leading, foremost, chief, principal, head, top, top-tier, prime, primary, first, highest, second to none, pre-eminent, main, senior, outstanding, master
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