Definition of top-heaviness in English:



  • See top-heavy

    • ‘The star ratings are based on a top-heaviness measurement known as the static stability factor, calculated mathematically using a vehicle's track width and center-of-gravity height.’
    • ‘Accumulation of fluid may also cause the patient to hear an echo when he speaks and to experience a vague feeling of top-heaviness.’
    • ‘This was a concession to weight-saving but also a recognition of Buffel top-heaviness.’
    • ‘The report concluded that the current post structure and post distribution in the Secretariat did not indicate any apparent anomalies that could be characterized as top-heaviness.’
    • ‘Other than the top-heaviness and amp nakedness issues, there was really nothing else to complain about with these subs, because they performed as advertised; they gave me extremely deep bass and gobs of it.’
    • ‘Also, the all solid state electronics are mounted high in the operator to help prevent against water while the motor and gear box are mounted low to prevent top-heaviness.’
    • ‘In order for the surgery to be covered, the insurance company needed photographic evidence of my top-heaviness.’
    • ‘But push the MPV even slightly on a curve, and you'll feel that timeless top-heaviness of a minivan that just wants to be driven straight and level.’
    • ‘And despite its weight of 5,468 pounds and ground clearance of 8.9 inches, dimensions that could yield unwieldy top-heaviness, the Range Rover Sport HSE, with the proper terrain setting, is so remarkably stable and agile it truly lives up to the ‘Sport’ part of its name.’
    • ‘The column-forming provides increased stiffness in the vertical direction and prevents documents from falling/folding over due to top-heaviness.’
    • ‘Turning most corners at any kind of speed was an adventure, as the Xterra's top-heaviness helped produce the excessive body lean.’
    • ‘Calling the tendency toward top-heaviness predictable in organizational behavior may be an exaggeration.’
    • ‘Put it under something with a Jeep badge and a seven-slot grill and, where you're expecting to feel top-heaviness, it feels unexpectedly sure-footed and stable.’
    • ‘The weight of this concrete was probably well over 14 tons and only added to the top-heaviness of the vessel.’