Definition of top-end in English:



  • (of a product) at the top of a range; high quality or sophisticated.

    ‘top-end, high-quality video equipment’
    • ‘Agents said the sales have set a benchmark for luxury projects in the Kowloon Station area, as the Harbourside is the first top-end project launched there.’
    • ‘There was a high demand for top-end houses, matched by a healthy supply.’
    • ‘All these features make the new controller a top-end product, of course.’
    • ‘We reviewed two top-end cameras from Canon and Hitachi.’
    • ‘Today, all of the major American ammunition makers have a top-end product in both handgun, rifle and shotgun ammunition.’
    • ‘This has all the characteristics of top-end rioja: ripe fruit, cedar notes and a wonderful comforting velvety finish.’
    • ‘It is a massive secular cathedral, glittering with the best retail opportunities money can buy and here nothing comes cheap, certainly not a top-end restaurant.’
    • ‘The top-end GS1280 server is shipping with between 8 and 16 1.15GHz processors immediately.’
    • ‘Of course, many visiting stars choose to stay in top-end hotels, especially for a night in Dublin.’
    • ‘Their best bet might be a top-end Championship team, where they come in and play well and stay in that team when they get promoted to the Premiership.’
    • ‘Hence, the company is trying to change the product mix to increase the production of the top-end model.’
    • ‘It is nowhere near as big and threatening as top-end SUVs and, thanks to suspension tuned for tarmac rather than mud, rides quite well on the road.’
    • ‘Towards Wexford town, there was plenty of confidence in the top-end executive market which was very steady while the lower end saw good, solid trade.’
    • ‘Because of this, the top-end hotels have had to distinguish themselves with lavish spending on innovative modern design and eye-catching architecture.’
    • ‘The rise of the niche and boutique hotels has been undermining growth at the exclusive top-end market.’
    • ‘Spurning such childish gadgets, adults look for something top-end to show off their more sophisticated tastes.’
    • ‘These are top-end products whose distribution is confined to the US.’
    • ‘But it does confirm, at last, that the top-end P4s are 64-bit capable.’
    • ‘The top-end chip contains 1MB of L2 cache, the lower-end part 512KB.’
    • ‘Motorola's top-end product is the 7457, announced earlier this year but not yet in volume production.’
    superior, premier, high-end, exclusive, elite, top, select, choice, deluxe, luxurious, classy, prime, first-rate, high-quality, top-quality, high-grade, five-star, fine, finest
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