Definition of toothy in English:



  • Having or showing large, numerous, or prominent teeth.

    ‘a toothy smile’
    • ‘She brightened up as I said those words and smiled one of her toothy grins.’
    • ‘Then she shrugs and smiles in her toothy way, as if to say - oh well, ain't nothing but the truth.’
    • ‘A sophisticated sway and toothy smile are the last skills Gracie wants to practice.’
    • ‘Her toothy smile can be seen to the back row of the cavernous Concert Hall.’
    • ‘He greeted me with a toothy smile, wearing ripped jeans and a tattered t-shirt.’
    • ‘As she bounced out of her limo on to the pavement she stopped momentarily to flash that familiar all-American toothy smile.’
    • ‘The actor then flashed a toothy smile to reveal his uneven chompers.’
    • ‘A tall gangly fellow with a toothy smile and awkward social skills, he wrote murder mysteries for a hobby.’
    • ‘A small toothy smile erupted above a missing chin, and I noticed for the first time that the man had braces.’
    • ‘With his toothy salesman smile and slicked back hair, I disliked him immediately.’
    • ‘As I walk towards her, her saucy red lips light up in a huge toothy smile.’
    • ‘She expected another sharp reprimanding but was instead given a wide toothy smile.’
    • ‘Approaching the desk, he took off his hat and placed it on the counter, looking down at the girl with a toothy smile.’
    • ‘Now you know what powers the brain behind the high-dome forehead, the specs and that toothy smile.’
    • ‘Jerry swung the front door open, a big toothy smile spread across his face.’
    • ‘I flashed her a sarcastic toothy smile, to which she responded by burying her face in her bag.’
    • ‘His smile widened into a toothy grin and he squeezed my hand comfortingly.’
    • ‘Then he smiles with that toothy, raunchy grin and starts talking about all those gay fans.’
    • ‘Smiling a toothy grin, he put his hands to his temples, his index fingers extended, and reared his head.’
    • ‘He is a tall man with silver hair and a toothy smile that veers toward the sardonic.’