Definition of toothsomeness in English:



  • See toothsome

    • ‘My oldest sister Hepsibah stood guard over the bean pots to make sure the pork was on top for its final browning, which is one reason for the toothsomeness of the bean as cooked in our family.’
    • ‘Unlike our Memphis experience, Leo's ribs maintained a certain toothsomeness that provided a superior taste, texture and overall experience than ribs that ‘fall off the bone’.’
    • ‘Davidson's problem was his winning, fresh-faced toothsomeness; something intelligently offset by his reading of the character as beset by an ancient melancholia.’
    • ‘Only the 56-day option delivered the mineral tang, toothsomeness, and texture that seasoned steak freaks crave.’
    • ‘Well, ok, the crocodile is negotiable, but I really want some sort of literary toothsomeness in those first pages.’
    • ‘The particular characteristics of the variety are expressed in the taste with a characteristic toothsomeness, with the mineral elements strongly emphasised.’
    • ‘We nail the plate almost immediately, the toothsomeness mightily impressing the mild-mannered reporter.’
    • ‘Farmer Sim, you are suggesting that the toothsomeness of Farmer Steve's grapes is due solely to the dirt you allege he stole from your farm.’
    • ‘And the noodles, although unfortunately resembling fat white worms in looks, had the toothsomeness of good udon taken up at least one order of magnitude.’
    • ‘The dragon, expertly lip-synched, is my friend with a T. Rex toothsomeness plus a sweet, silly grin.’
    • ‘Again, I could have used a little more toothsomeness in the vegetables, but it was clean-tasting and fresh.’
    • ‘Smoked salmon also works, though it lacks the toothsomeness of scallops, which marry perfectly with the crunchy endives.’
    • ‘Most of the press I see salmon getting is about their life cycle, their imperiled status, their hardiness, their toothsomeness, or how much fun they are to catch.’
    • ‘Beef done two ways allows one to savor the tenderness of short ribs and the toothsomeness of filet mignon; smoky, silky mashed potatoes are balanced by a shallot-scallion blanquette.’
    • ‘Once the rice is creamy and tender, with a slight toothsomeness, add the juice from the lemon along with the cilantro.’
    • ‘This is an incredibly dumb movie; She is profoundly irritating as she alternates between giggling toothsomeness and adolescent displays of rebellious anger.’
    • ‘One particular Digger described them as having ‘the delicious succulence of ground granite or the savoury toothsomeness of powdered marble’.’
    • ‘The elixir is poured over four kinds of baby carrots and equally infantile turnips, kohlrabi and fennel, all cooked to perfect toothsomeness in tomato water.’
    • ‘I like it mainly because it cooks up al dente like pasta should if you are paying attention, and then retains its toothsomeness instead of turning to mush.’
    • ‘But for better or worse, they duplicate the not-as-crunchy-as-Ritz toothsomeness of the original Club Cracker, and for those whose brand loyalty rivals UT fans ’, that can only be a plus.’