Definition of toothsomely in English:



  • See toothsome

    • ‘Breast of duck comes with a toothsomely rich sauce that lifts the meat to new heights.’
    • ‘Tintypes is tender rather than torrid, its nostalgia is toothsomely sweet, not gooey.’
    • ‘The Department Stores I visited below all sell online, though there is nothing to beat the pleasure of personally browsing among the colourful and toothsomely exotic gourmet goodies on display!’
    • ‘Everything that comes out of his kitchen is toothsomely presented, glistening with freshness.’
    • ‘The firm-fleshed white loup de mer was downright extraordinary in a light lemon-caper sauce, the meat sweet and the skin toothsomely crispy.’
    • ‘Amidst a throng of women, the Crocodile Queen, dressed like the lone survivor of a disco ball accident, luxuriates on her toothsomely canopied bed and bids her headbanded harem of men to come hither.’
    • ‘The figures as they exist now are functional, not exactly ugly, in fact sort of charming in their way, but in future sets they ought to be sculpted a little more toothsomely to appeal to gamers who'll actually be able to cope with the rules.’
    • ‘It boasts a long history as the Hawaiian Islands’ capital and a beguiling multiethnicity that emerges most toothsomely in a feast of different cuisines.’
    • ‘The chap behind the table, a handsome blue eyed, and toothsomely blonde fellow whose white shirt and rust colored jeans gave him the air of a Mormon Missionary, looked every inch the seasoned marketing professional, too.’
    • ‘Her choices effectively mute the character of Lady M, rendering her less toothsomely evil and more plainly matter-of-fact.’
    • ‘And if the pricey, Cajun-influenced entrées push the definition of pub dining somewhat, wallet-friendly eating options can be found: perhaps the area's best pulled-pork barbecue sandwich, and a seafood salad that toothsomely unites spiced crawfish, smoked salmon, and poached shrimp on a crispy lettuce bed.’
    • ‘I am talking the days when he was a long-haired, hat wearing, toothsomely clean-cut teenager whose voice hadn't broken.’
    • ‘While my usual chocolate-covered rendition is rich, moist, and toothsomely dense, his is lighter than air, with a sweet meringue base to give it a chewy, fluffy interior and a shatteringly crisp shell.’
    • ‘But there's something toothsomely inspiring in her switch from employee to businesswoman, how she's still excited by the possibilities before her and insisting on a menu that reflects her own personality.’