Definition of toothlike in English:



  • See tooth

    • ‘Ordovician strata are characterized by numerous and diverse trilobites and conodonts (phosphatic fossils with a tooth-like appearance) found in sequences of shale, limestone, dolostone, and sandstone.’
    • ‘They are known to bite inquisitive humans using tooth-like projections on their lower jaw.’
    • ‘It has large tooth-like projections on the lower jaw, the adult eyes have horizontal pupils, non-webbed toes and longitudinal elevated skin folds.’
    • ‘It has five tooth-like plates that point inward and is moved by 60 muscles.’
    • ‘The alien was a Murak male, he was about a foot taller than Ligell, had dark brown skin, a single short horn reaching out the right side of his head, and several tooth-like ridges bordering the sides of his head.’
    • ‘Classical embryology long ago demonstrated that grafting dental epithelium onto non-dental mesenchyme could produce tooth-like structures if the experiment were performed early enough in development.’
    • ‘A pair of short tooth-like horns poked from a bush of curly hair that topped the faun's clever-looking face.’
    • ‘Note that bird chicks develop an egg tooth that is used to break the egg shell during hatching, so birds must have the genes needed to specify the development of a tooth-like appendage to the beak.’
    • ‘The head opened up to reveal rows of tooth-like thorns.’
    • ‘Conodonts are an extinct group of marine organisms whose preserved skeletal parts consist of tiny phosphatic tooth-like elements.’
    • ‘The outer part of the saber was lined with sharp tooth-like spikes which were left over from Dante's ‘Ryushinken’.’
    • ‘They have small tooth-like scales covered with an enamel-like layer.’
    • ‘The innovation in question is the labral tooth, a tooth-like or spine-like protrusion pointing toward the substratum on the edge of the outer lip of the aperture.’
    • ‘Four miles to the north-east is the island of Boreray and its atmospheric outliers: the whitewashed tooth-like 564 ft Stac Lee and its more northern neighbour, Stac an Armin.’