Definition of toothlessly in English:



  • See toothless

    • ‘The wrinkled woman tossed her book at both of them, screaming toothlessly and without gratitude.’
    • ‘Jalen leaned back again, smiled toothlessly at Hana and swallowed her donut.’
    • ‘Bella stopped crying and grinned toothlessly up at Grace, soothed by her voice.’
    • ‘The man grinned toothlessly at her when she was finished, but she remained impassive and told him to return to the ranch.’
    • ‘An old hag from across the isle grinned toothlessly at me as he left and said something I couldn't understand.’
    • ‘Chalmers treasured his 25 cents a week, and it was amusing to watch him hobble about on his remaining leg, emptying rubbish baskets and grinning toothlessly.’
    • ‘When I am done, she breaks into a smile so toothlessly wide, so charmingly affectionate, that I feel I might easily dissolve into it.’
    • ‘He giggled and smiled toothlessly, raising his chubby arms and squealing for her to pick him up… so she did, without a moment's hesitation.’
    • ‘Cofecr grinned toothlessly, and bustled off to the kitchen to get the special.’