Definition of toothless in English:



  • 1Having no teeth, typically through old age.

    ‘a toothless old man’
    • ‘A grungy man with an evil, nearly toothless grin crouched behind it.’
    • ‘As he is toothless he is seeking approval for a soft food diet but the medical unit have told him that he has to schedule a test, which may take months, to prove that he has no teeth.’
    • ‘And his cauliflower ears, toothless grin and boneless nose are testimony to his unrelenting quest for simulated perfection.’
    • ‘So 300 years ago if I hadn't died of infection I'd be toothless by now.’
    • ‘Three little girls ran to the door grinning toothless grins.’
    • ‘The man who spoke, who called himself Jim, looked in his early 20's - late teens with a toothless grin and a black beanie.’
    • ‘When the old, toothless man in the parking lot approaches me with outstretched hands and asks for a dime or a cigarette or snack, I look into his eyes.’
    • ‘And then the tire guy - a toothless old vet - goes off, and this is what it sounded like.’
    • ‘I saw him play more than once at Central Park in New York, his toothless mouth soulfully lisping his unique and beautiful song style.’
    • ‘If you see any withered, toothless, gimpy old men it gives you a good sign to run.] Or is that too graphics intensive at this time?’
    • ‘Better buy a shotgun - I wouldn't count on the toothless old mutt.’
    • ‘His eternally friendly toothless grin is accentuated by wire-framed goggles, and his short-cropped head is uncovered.’
    • ‘Six-month-old toothless Adi grins trustingly at the world.’
    • ‘An almost toothless grin was plastered on his tan wrinkled face.’
    • ‘Griffin is 32 and toothless and bone thin with wild dark eyes and a dark beard and fine, long black hair that he combs with fastidious care.’
    • ‘The reason to do it now is preventive to try and avoid a toothless old age for her.’
    • ‘A beer and a cigarette from a smirking, toothless porter ease the immediate pain, while jibes from my travelling companions put my huffs and puffs into perspective.’
    • ‘Middle-aged people, already in a state of despair about the fecklessness of the young, will find the activities of the grey and toothless equally distressing.’
    • ‘There were three people ahead of me on line, and one old toothless guy who got on line behind me and immediately pulled out a container of yogurt and began eating.’
    • ‘It was a toothless old man who was chuckling loudly, withdrawing his hand - which only bore three fingers - and laying it on his sheathed sword.’
    1. 1.1 Lacking genuine force or effectiveness.
      ‘laws that are well intentioned but toothless’
      • ‘So the clan bodies, village councils, and public assemblies were either dissolved or made toothless against the chiefs.’
      • ‘St Johnstone, bottom of the table and toothless in front of goal, are looking to bring a couple of Ecuadorians to McDiarmid Park.’
      • ‘He manages to get the bill through in the most toothless possible form, knowing that it will help kick the props out from under segregation in years to come.’
      • ‘A lack of composure in the rearguard spread through the team and while Swansea had looked for the most part toothless in attack their equaliser when it came was no more a surprise than it was deserved.’
      • ‘And this caring for future generations must involve government, all industries, and the toothless EMA as well.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, their rather toothless union, typical of the Third World, cannot press for minimum wages or maximum hours.’
      • ‘But the term is not only toothless and tiresome, it's just wrong.’
      • ‘The PPCCA has been regarded one of those numerous toothless organisations which people cannot lean on when their rights are abused by police officers.’
      • ‘Solid elsewhere, their undoing was again a toothless attack, Stranraer maintain at least a hope of a stunning advance into the fourth round once the replay is negotiated in Leith.’
      • ‘Resultantly, the CBI has come out as merely a toothless, diseased paper tiger whose roar is more effective than its maul.’
      • ‘Will the prosecution remain as toothless as it used to be at the times of Tatarchev, who kept talking of catching all bandits in a sack, but in reality none ever reached prison?’
      • ‘Garda watchdog body will be toothless says expert’
      • ‘In fact he would not be directly investigated by the Inquisition until 1815, when it was nearly toothless - and presumably so was he.’
      • ‘Its armed forces are toothless, and its rhetoric is tired, repeated out of habit rather than conviction.’
      • ‘He forced his opponent to make a save with a sharp shot from a tight angle but, despite continuing to dominate possession, Shrewsbury remained toothless.’
      • ‘What they have done is to make Legco toothless, " Ma said.’
      • ‘He says that the Commission has just remained a toothless body and has done nothing for the 25 crore strong minority communities in the country.’
      • ‘The inquiry is effectively powerless, and it is toothless.’
      • ‘Unfussy defending from York and toothless tokens of attack from Southend - the corners mirrored sharply the pattern of the first 45 minutes.’
      • ‘Some enemies are imaginary; some are toothless.’