Definition of toothed in English:



  • See tooth

    • ‘No doubt there are many that would disagree with that, but I like to think I emerged from the zip debacle, wiser and more philosophical in matters pertaining to fasteners and toothed catches on clothes.’
    • ‘I can still see that curly dougla head of hair and white toothed smile of my business teacher as he spoke about marketing, selling and advertising.’
    • ‘A toothed rack rail is laid in the middle of the track on the slopes and the pinions attached to the engine engage with the teeth of the rack bars and enable the engine to pull itself and its load up.’
    • ‘The leaves are oval with pointed tips, toothed at the edges and rough on the upper surface.’
    • ‘Some horror films provide us with a link back to our primal and savage past, when homo sapiens were at the mercy of a confusing and barely understood world, chock full of sharp toothed predators on the look out for some bi-pedal protein.’
    • ‘Our ancestors, having weighed up the options, risked becoming dinner by sharing caves with sabre toothed beasts in order to gain shelter from the elements and have somewhere they could hang their coats.’
    • ‘We acquired rage to help us kill sabre - toothed tigers; when the fight was over our brains would send the all - clear message to our bodies.’
    • ‘It bears small, rather insignificant flowers with a collar of white-veined deeply toothed bracts above impressive prickly glaucous greyish-green leaves.’
    • ‘A crime of such selfishness, vindictiveness and plain no-goodedness that I hesitate to lay it before you in all its red toothed, black cloaked and villainous evil.’
    • ‘They get a chance to cross-examine that with a fine toothed comb.’
    • ‘But when the daughter of the Fitzpatrick family begins to take a personal interest in Kwame, he is drawn inexorably into the stained, toothed wheels of history.’
    • ‘No, they insisted that she had to take off her shoes and get patted down and have a wand passed over her body and have her Hello Kitty suitcase opened and examined with a fine toothed comb.’
    • ‘Gail said parents should check heads at least every couple of days using a fine toothed or ‘detector’ comb and then remove them using a ‘nit comb’, lotion or shampoo.’
    • ‘This heart, called an ‘escapement,’ consists of a clever arrangement of swinging paddles set beside a toothed wheel shaped like a crown.’
    • ‘They are an aromatic, light yellow-green, with serrated, toothed edges.’
    • ‘These last are well worth waiting for; the flower spikes can be up to nine feet tall, bearing stately heads of rich purple, thistle-like flowers above the toothed, grey green foliage.’
    • ‘I told him that in the summertime I've had fresh sugarcane drinks at Quang Deli in south Minneapolis, where they roll the cane through a kind of toothed press, extracting the juice.’
    • ‘The sperm whale, a toothed mammal whose lower jaw resembles a vast surfboard with peaked crenellations at its edges, has been found at 3000 metres.’
    • ‘The artist who carved this elegant example exaggerated the length of the fish's toothed rostrum and streamlined its body.’
    • ‘It's a documentary type thing speculating how ancient man coped with - and generally killed off - whopping great spiky toothed animals back in the dawn of time.’