Definition of toothcarp in English:



  • A small fish that resembles the carp but possesses small teeth, occurring mainly in fresh water in America. Many toothcarp are popular in aquaria.

    Order Cyprinodontiformes: several families, in particular Cyprinodontidae (or Fundulidae) (the egg-laying killifishes and topminnows), and Poeciliidae (the livebearers)

    • ‘In the water is one of the few populations in Andalucia of the endangered Iberian toothcarp, which is native to the Iberian Peninsula.’
    • ‘The only fish now found here is a species of toothcarp that is confined to the mouths of streams that flow into the lake.’
    • ‘Coercive mating and gonopodium length in two populations of a livebearering toothcarp: do cave molly males have shorter gonopodia?’
    • ‘The main tasks carried out in the Pletera were to improve the conservation state of vegetal sand dune and marshlands communities and to ensure the conservation of the Spanish toothcarp, a fish in danger of extinction and only found in the Iberian peninsula.’
    • ‘Or, if tortoises, skinks and toads are perhaps a bit too slimy for you, its waters are home to the minute Aphanius iberus, the killifish or Spanish toothcarp.’
    • ‘Among the fish species to be seen are very characteristic of the area like the Samaruc (Valencia toothcarp) and the Fartet.’
    • ‘Fundulus cingulatus is an egg-laying toothcarp of the family Cyprinodontidae.’
    • ‘Genetic monitoring of brackish-water populations: the Mediterranean toothcarp Aphanius fasciatus as a model’