Definition of tooth mug in English:

tooth mug


  • A mug used or designed for use like a toothglass.

    • ‘Outside our sleeping tent were 2 long tables for our water bowls, tooth mugs, soap etc.’
    • ‘The travelling kit is a combination of the tooth paste, toothbrush and the tooth mug; the set which is hygienic and convenient to use while travelling.’
    • ‘On another cycle you can do tooth mugs, kitchen utensil holders and any other pots and vases about the house’
    • ‘The bathroom was down an icy corridor where squeaky floorboards were an embarrassment at 2am - but the family face cloths and tooth mugs added a homely touch.’
    • ‘There are about a hundred different items including double sugar bowls, grape dishes, tooth mugs and soap dishes.’
    • ‘She'd drunk the stuff from tumblers and tooth mugs and tea cups.’
    • ‘The line of the collection designed for the bathrooms contains soft towels and bathrobes in different colours with the range of accessories such as soap dishes, tooth mugs, bath salt and soap.’
    • ‘In the meantime we are doing some daily brushing, and Pheebs has got her own tooth mug!’
    • ‘They each have their own tooth mugs, and she makes sure they wash regularly behind their ears.’
    • ‘That last short line, the shortest in the poem, seems to ring the posy of violets round - the flowers in a tooth mug surrounded by their secret valley, a safe, personal place within the urban landscape.’
    • ‘Generally, the toothbrush, toothpaste and tooth mug are separately placed on a vanity cabinet in the bathroom.’
    • ‘Note that towels, tooth mugs and soap are not provided.’
    • ‘Start the day by using a tooth mug - that saves 10 litres of water.’
    • ‘Mugs, jugs and plates are also available as are soap dishes and tooth mugs to co-ordinate with bathroom tiles.’
    • ‘Bathrooms have a wonderful array of branded toiletries (Malmaison label made by Arran Aromatics on the Isle of Arran using natural ingredients) in purple and orange with matching tooth mugs.’
    • ‘This washer is designed to wash and disinfect wash basins, kidney dishes, tooth mugs, sputum bowls and much more.’
    • ‘We had jammy sandwiches, sardines, baked beans and tinned fruit washed down with condensed milk in our tooth mugs which were heavily flavoured with toothpaste.’
    • ‘Blankets, tooth mugs, hot water bottles to be filled, gradually the interminable list of requests would be satisfied, the complaints and criticisms would be resolved and peace would be established.’
    • ‘Last week I went to buy a new white tooth mug to go in the thingy in our bathroom that holds toothbrushes.’
    • ‘The soap holder, the tooth brush holder and the tooth mug have the same design so that your bathroom will be well assorted.’


tooth mug