Definition of toolkit in English:



  • 1A set of tools, especially one kept in a bag or box and used for a particular purpose.

    • ‘He suggested a pad for sitting on to eat lunch, a first aid kit and a tool kit for repairing bindings.’
    • ‘Kat shouted, throwing her tool kit to the ground, the sound startling the twins out of their fight.’
    • ‘Before you take to the road make sure at least you have the resources to get home; correct spare tire, jack, and a small tool kit.’
    • ‘Engineers working at the nano scale have a brand-new tool kit that's full of wonder and brimming with potential riches.’
    • ‘Normally he carries the heater, chain saws, a big tool kit, a fire extinguisher, first aid kit, soda, and something for his stomach if the hamburger he eats when he takes a break at gives him a little heartburn.’
    • ‘The government has promised a new tool kit for every apprentice and they've extended the same financial support to them as they give to university students.’
    • ‘Every competent mechanic should have a correctly calibrated torque wrench in their tool kit and should use it.’
    • ‘Add journaling to your tool kit of ways to keep yourself healthy.’
    • ‘In all, more than 55,000 copies of the tool kit have been distributed.’
    • ‘We all laughed, and picking up a tool kit, the two were off.’
    • ‘He said it was important for managers to take responsibility for the results, work with a clear purpose and have a tool kit to survive new situations.’
    • ‘When you're planning a camping trip in the outback as well as taking the swag, the esky, the fishing rod and the kitchen sink, you probably pack the recovery gear and a tool kit with a prayer you'll never need it.’
    • ‘In his dry suit with the tool kit, hammer, stakes, and a coil of yellow nylon line, he looks like some oversized cartoon character.’
    • ‘His tool kit includes equipment for unsealing and resealing envelopes, miniature microphones, and wiretapping equipment.’
    • ‘The department also recommends that fishermen have a First-Aid kit, a basic tool kit, a whistle and a Global Positioning System to indicate position.’
    • ‘Remember when car accessories meant a wheel brace and a decent tool kit - if you were lucky?’
    • ‘My daughter likes making the spanners in my tool kit into some sort of xylophone.’
    • ‘In-depth, open-ended interviewing is the most difficult element in our tool kit of research techniques.’
    • ‘The presenting problem is gender, and therapists need to have both a theoretical grasp of gender and power in relationships and a therapeutic tool kit with which to address them.’
    • ‘We need a legislative tool kit, tolling, congestion pricing, public-private partnerships, and we need economic rather than political priorities.’
    1. 1.1Computing A set of software tools.
      • ‘As well as developing the tool kit or software upon which a number of their products were based, in his spare time Adam was also developing his own new application based on the class library.’
      • ‘I personally find that this particular tool kit makes the RAD (rapid application development) concept finally available to Linux.’
      • ‘Whether doing code archaeology or building the next killer application, this is one of those products that should be in every tool kit.’
      • ‘Phase one will see SGI contribute more work and code to open source graphics projects, along with the release of a Linux developer tool kit.’
      • ‘The tool kit determines the requirements of a computational task and decides where and how to run it.’
    2. 1.2 A personal set of resources, abilities, or skills.
      ‘intuition developed from past stock market experience becomes a vital part of an investor's toolkit’
      • ‘There may come a time when you need other kinds of awareness to become part of your toolkit.’
      • ‘The biggest interpersonal flaw in any manager's tool kit is the constant overriding need to win.’
      • ‘He taught classes that were humorous, and he taught us everything in his toolkit without reservation.’
      • ‘The chapter also introduces a useful part of the environmental economist's toolkit for looking at pollution problems in general.’
      • ‘A principal positioning tool in the marketers' toolkit is the utilization of the promotional mix, in particular advertising and public relations.’
      • ‘Matrix theory itself became more than just part of a scientist's toolkit and earned a place as an important field of mathematical research.’
      • ‘When designing a good user experience it's important to remember these four principles, which should be a part of any usability or user experience specialist's toolkit.’
      • ‘What should be in the GP's toolkit, to use a rather mechanistic metaphor, for approaching their patients who have been bereaved?’
      • ‘Given the endless investment opportunities and possibile outcomes, intuition developed from past stock market experience becomes a vital part of an investor's toolkit.’
      • ‘Self-importance and pomposity aren't in Ananova's emotional toolkit.’
      • ‘Revenge and put-downs were not in her toolkit.’
      • ‘And even if it did, the EU's toolkit for staunching the spread of extremist political movements is limited.’
      • ‘Situations repeat themselves, and each time your emotional toolkit grows, and you find new ways of enjoying them.’
      • ‘A sense of Kristeva's 'unlimited possibilities of discourse' is a vital component in a writer's toolkit.’
      • ‘It will provide participants with a toolkit of skills to help them lead others in productive ways.’