Definition of toolbox in English:



  • 1A box or container for keeping tools in.

    • ‘Your toolbox for replacing tiles should include an electric drill, a club hammer, assorted chisels, a tile file, tile adhesive spreader, a grout rake for removing old grout and a grout spreader.’
    • ‘If you are a Dad be prepared to spend most holidays assembling intricate, highly complex toys that require the use of specialty screwdriver tips dug out the bowels of your toolbox.’
    • ‘In the riverbed were about a dozen or so articles, mostly fairly expensive power tools, and several toolboxes, all presumably stolen a short while earlier.’
    • ‘To their dismay they also realised that the car did not contain a stephney, jack and a toolbox, which could have made things easier for them.’
    • ‘Storing the toolbox containing said torch in the bottom of a dark drawer about as far away from my bedroom as it's possible to be probably isn't the most practical thing in the world.’
    • ‘I keep all these tools in my car so that, in the event that the car breaks down, I will be able to pull out my trusty toolbox and fix the problem.’
    • ‘He regularly carried a toolbox for his copier service calls.’
    • ‘I just got a pair of pliers from his toolbox and managed to free the bird.’
    • ‘Old gardening boots, wheelbarrows, and toolboxes can make whimsical substitutes for expensive outdoor containers.’
    • ‘The owner discovered two smaller boxes inside the toolbox, which were dated 1898.’
    • ‘We are a couple of weeks into our new home - I now am the proud owner of a toolbox; I never really had much need for one before because we have rented for the last number of years.’
    • ‘He carried a plastic toolbox with him and once in the house, he put on a small paper respirator, of the type often used in DIY work.’
    • ‘A most meticulous man, his toolbox was his pride and joy and woe betide anyone who didn't put a tool back exactly where they got it!’
    • ‘We all sat in the back of the van on paint cans and crates and toolboxes and headed north.’
    • ‘Inside his cabin, McAbery reaches for the worn cardboard container that serves as his only toolbox.’
    • ‘One of my sharpest childhood memories is of my father coming home with his toolbox on his shoulder, paid off from his joiner's job.’
    • ‘It isn't the type of hammer you would keep in your toolbox.’
    • ‘There was a time when the average chap, armed with a toolbox and a workshop manual, could tackle quite major jobs on a car.’
    • ‘I quickly hid behind a wall to witness the pantomime, as this poor chap had to get his toolbox out and mend the gear linkage.’
    • ‘Besides the radio, he had acquired a large toolbox packed with tools, two rifles, a shotgun, several boxes of ammunition, a long-handled axe, a crowbar, and a first-aid kit.’
    1. 1.1Computing A set of software tools.
      • ‘On top of the methodological resources collected and presented, the specialized web site could offer training programs, software, and even a software toolbox.’
      • ‘Caching isn't the only thing in the software toolbox.’
      • ‘This familiar toolbox of desktop computing is a huge and lucrative business, but demand for it has slowed.’
      • ‘It is sure to remain in my software toolbox for years to come.’
      • ‘It recently included the software package in its toolbox and is in the process of incorporating it into the company's culture.’
    2. 1.2Computing The set of programs or functions accessible from a single menu.
      • ‘You can create your own workspace, paper space, templates, and views, as well as custom toolboxes, menus, and keystroke macros.’
      • ‘There is one very noticeable change, though: running your cursor over tools in the toolbox now makes them light up in color.’
      • ‘For years, bookmarks to frequently visited sites have been one very basic tool in the shortcut toolbox.’
      • ‘The toolbox has been rearranged in the interest of common sense.’
      • ‘Select the fill tool (paint bucket) in the toolbox window and move your mouse focus to the image window.’