Definition of tool steel in English:

tool steel


  • [mass noun] Hard steel of a quality used for making cutting tools.

    • ‘A less severe quench is the oil quench obtained by cooling the tool steel in oil baths.’
    • ‘These toolholders are made from a special heat-resistant tool steel that undergoes a proprietary hardening process.’
    • ‘Of the many cold-work applications for tool steel, special mention should be made of the cold punching of plate having a thickness greater than about 3mm.’
    • ‘It is made from a single piece of tool steel and completely made in their shop.’
    • ‘But unlike stereolith, it uses a variety of metal powders, creating hard tooling out of tool steel or even unique ‘hybrid’ metals.’
    • ‘The preheat temperature should slightly exceed the minimum of the draw range and the interpass temperature should never exceed the maximum of the draw range of the particular tool steel.’
    • ‘Both groups are composites of high-hardness carbides held together by a matrix of heat-treatable tool steel.’
    • ‘When welding the tool steel of which firearms are made the metal has to be protected from excessive heat, or hard spots will develop showing up as the dreaded plum-color when blued.’
    • ‘Wear characteristics compare favorably with hard tool steel under low loads.’
    • ‘Molds and micromolds are made of tool steel, and are typically created using an electrical-discharge machining or laser process to cut mold cavities into the steel material.’
    • ‘The resulting prototypes - made from H13 tool steel, aluminum, and other metals - are finished injection and die casting molds meant to be used in production.’
    • ‘The tap cutter is a piece of mild steel filed to a sixty degree tip; it works with a scraping action and does not need to be tool steel.’
    • ‘These are shaped to the desired contours and are usually made of hardened tool steel ground and lapped to a mirror finish.’
    • ‘Non-shrinking tool steel contains up to 2% manganese, with 0.8-0.9% carbon.’
    • ‘By providing the ability to deposit tool steel onto existing mold and die surfaces, the technique allows obsolete molds and dies to be reconfigured to new product designs.’
    • ‘There's silver in the brains of gunsmiths who have been cutting and bending tool steel for twenty years or more, and gold in the brains of those who have been doing it for thirty years or more.’
    • ‘The martensite of quenched tool steel is exceedingly brittle and highly stressed.’
    • ‘Cylinders are parent bored but plasma coated with a few tenths of a millimeter coating to give the cylinder surface tool steel hardness and great durability.’