Definition of too close for comfort in English:

too close for comfort


  • Dangerously or uncomfortably near.

    ‘he sat on the edge of the bed, far too close for comfort’
    figurative ‘an issue being discussed with a sufferer may be too close for comfort to the counsellor's personal experience’
    • ‘That was too close for comfort - he had almost given himself away.’
    • ‘After some time, the snakes were getting too close for comfort and a couple of the village men frightened them off using long sticks with red cloth tied at one end.’
    • ‘Inside you must know it was too close for comfort.’
    • ‘I absolutely refused to go anywhere near the wild dogs - they seemed way too close for comfort.’
    • ‘All he did was take one step, and suddenly, he was too close for comfort.’
    • ‘She shifted away from him when he sat on the bed next to her, a little too close for comfort.’
    • ‘More and more we are witnessing hurricanes passing this way, too close for comfort.’
    • ‘Instead, he inched closer, too close for comfort.’
    • ‘This was too close for comfort for all of us involved.’
    • ‘He had sent me to get a bone scan and it was showing that I had significant bone loss - not quite osteoporosis - but too close for comfort.’