Definition of tonsillectomy in English:



  • A surgical operation to remove the tonsils.

    ‘he did tonsillectomies, at a rate of two or four a week’
    mass noun ‘tonsillectomy is a straightforward operation in children’
    • ‘She underwent a tonsillectomy, and the whole tonsil was easily dissected out without any adherence to the deeper tissues.’
    • ‘A 12-year-old girl underwent an uncomplicated tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy under general endotracheal anesthesia.’
    • ‘The typical recuperation after a tonsillectomy and/or an adenoidectomy often involves a week or more of pain and discomfort due to the exposure of the throat muscles.’
    • ‘Almost 1,200,000 tonsillectomies and/or adenoidectomies are performed each year in India.’
    • ‘Surgical excision via tonsillectomy provides definitive management for these lesions, with patients undergoing an uncomplicated postoperative recovery.’
    • ‘Her past medical history is remarkable for COPD, peripheral vascular disease with claudication, elevated cholesterol, tonsillectomy, and hysterectomy.’
    • ‘If your sleep apnoea is caused by large tonsils and/or adenoids, these can be removed in a simple operation called a tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy.’
    • ‘He did tonsillectomies, at a rate of two to four a week, for a charge of $35, back when everyone, including me, got their tonsils out.’
    • ‘Severe or complicated tonsillitis that keeps on coming back may justify the removal of the tonsils, an operation known as tonsillectomy.’
    • ‘The case involved a child who had a tonsillectomy despite a low-grade fever, remained in coma after surgery, and died 24 hours later.’
    • ‘Charges should be made for some minor treatments like removal of varicose veins, tattoos and tonsillectomies.’
    • ‘By the end of the 1920s, deliveries and abortions, adenoidectomies, appendectomies, tonsillectomies, and the treatment of accident victims accounted for 60 percent of hospital admissions.’
    • ‘They can often be removed in the clinic, but tonsillectomy may be necessary.’
    • ‘Her surgical history included a tonsillectomy and an adenoidectomy.’
    • ‘Most still perform a tonsillectomy the way they were taught in residency - using an electrocautery device - and are very satisfied with the results.’
    • ‘In addition, adenoidectomy combined with a tonsillectomy may decrease the incidence further.’
    • ‘U.S. surgeons performed hysterectomies and tonsillectomies at rates far above their international counterparts.’
    • ‘Although the medical literature since the 1950s had condemned the overuse of tonsillectomies, the profession acted to limit them only after being publicly shamed.’
    • ‘Her weak immune system means she has caught pneumonia six times and e-coli three times and she has just come out of hospital after a four-week stay for breathing problems, which it is hoped a tonsillectomy will have sorted out.’
    • ‘I would also like to clarify that the only permanent solution for chronic tonsillitis is a tonsillectomy.’