Definition of tonguefish in English:



  • A small teardrop-shaped flatfish of warm seas, which is an important food fish in some areas.

    Family Cynoglossidae: Symphurus and other genera; numerous species

    • ‘In each late August during the experiment years, a pair of 135 hp trawlers was used to catch adult tonguefish in the central and western parts of the Laizhou Bay, the Bohai Sea.’
    • ‘Currently, the tonguefish is being analysed and classified at the Smithsonian.’
    • ‘Juvenile tonguefishes swim upright, but undergo metamorphosis early in their development, in which the right eye migrates to the left side of the head and the fish begins to swim on its side at the bottom.’
    • ‘These particular tonguefish seem to specialize in living right at the openings of the underwater volcanoes in places most fish would, and do, die.’
    • ‘On one voyage to the vents, the tonguefish were seen to rip apart a dead fish that had fallen out of the water column above - so they may not be too choosy about where their meals come from.’