Definition of tongue worm in English:

tongue worm


  • A flattened worm-like parasite which infests vertebrates, especially reptiles, having a sucking mouth with hooks for attachment to the lining of the respiratory tract.

    • ‘Adult tongue worms are usually whitish in colour and range in size from a few millimetres to about 15 cm in length.’
    • ‘Our discovery recently of larval pentastomids in cockroaches in Singapore is therefore of unusual significance since it appears to be the first record of the finding of tongue worms in invertebrates.’
    • ‘Following copulation, the female tongue worm releases her eggs into the host's lungs.’
    • ‘As their former host gets digested, the tongue worm larvae break out of their cysts and burrow over to their new host's lungs to mature.’
    • ‘In cephalobaenid tongue worms the nervous system consists of the brain which is connected to ganglia.’