Definition of tone poem in English:

tone poem


  • A piece of orchestral music, typically in one movement, on a descriptive or rhapsodic theme.

    • ‘It was during this period that he wrote his most important, purely orchestral work, the tone poem 'Hero and Leander' for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.’
    • ‘Like a Strauss tone poem, the scoring is opulent, wide-ranging, but unmistakably Czech in its harmonic language.’
    • ‘Contemporary orchestral works are often commissioned as opening pieces for concerts, so it seems to be popular to use a variation of the Lisztian tone poem as the basic form of the piece.’
    • ‘Indeed, sketches survive of a comparatively opulent piano concerto, and of a tone poem 'Der schone Spiegel' from as late as 1928.’
    • ‘The overall form of this quartet could easily be described as a chamber tone poem.’


tone poem