Definition of tone dialling in English:

tone dialling


mass noun
  • A method of telephone dialling in which each digit is represented by a particular combination of tones.

    • ‘Most dual-equipped phones, if switched to pulse dialling, can be changed over to tone dialling by pressing the ’*’ key.’
    • ‘This is quite slow compared with tone dialling.’
    • ‘I do remember some years ago having an old BT internal phone system which supported dial phones and converted the pulses to tone dialling when accessing an outside line.’
    • ‘Before attempting to dial check if the phone system uses pulse dialling or tone dialling.’
    • ‘In the UK only 15% of homes and businesses have tone dialling, although the network is currently able to support around 50% tone dialling.’
    • ‘It is possible to include both pulse and tone dialling within the same dial string.’
    • ‘If you can use tone dialling, the amount of time it takes to dial can be changed using the S11 register.’
    • ‘To set it up correctly for tone dialling you have to remove the front cover on the control panel.’


tone dialling