Definition of tone colour in English:

tone colour


  • mass noun ‘his shifts of tone colour’
    another term for timbre
    count noun ‘with reeds, diapasons and a myriad of other tone colours’
    • ‘It covers all the basic areas of general music, including rhythm, pitch, dynamics, tempo, texture, form and tone color.’
    • ‘He gave a wonderful variety of tone colour, as he had done throughout the opera and he made a profoundly moving figure.’
    • ‘The softness of tone colour of the baroque oboe in comparison to the works it juxtaposes, underlines the daring stylistic parameters explored by the oboist on this ‘extremely personal undertaking’.’
    • ‘This means that its tone colour is - and this is only my opinion, mind - vaguely single-faceted and tepid, compared to the voice, or strings, or even the piano.’
    • ‘Her bursts of coloratura have the odd fraying edge, and her tone colour at its best is fabulously alluring.’