Definition of tomtit in English:



  • A popular name for any of a number of small active songbirds.

    (British) the blue tit.

    (Australian) the yellow-tailed thornbill (Acanthiza chrysorrhoa, family Acanthizidae).

    (NZ) the black-and-white New Zealand tit (Petroica macrocephala, family Eopsaltridae).

    • ‘The bush has abundant bird life, including the bellbird, tomtit, rifleman, wood pigeon and grey warbler.’
    • ‘In this area you may see the brown creeper, tomtit, robin, bellbird, rifleman, wood pigeon, falcon and kea.’
    • ‘There are fernbirds and tomtits that should also return.’
    • ‘Forest parrots/kaka came down to see the visitors, and there were lots of tomtits / ngirungiru, fantails/piwakawaka, bellbirds/korimako and tuis.’
    • ‘There we were introduced to matai and totara and other natives, and also to birds - tomtits, warblers and fantails.’