Definition of tomcod in English:



  • A small edible greenish-brown North American fish of the cod family, popular with anglers.

    Genus Microgadus, family Gadidae: M. proximus of the Pacific coasts, and M. tomcod of the Atlantic coasts and fresh water

    • ‘Common fish species in the area include atlantic tomcod, mummichog, redfish, herring, silver hake, Greenland halibut, and the dangerously overfished northern cod.’
    • ‘Some of the predatory fish of the ecozone are brook trout and Atlantic tomcod.’
    • ‘Microgadus tomcod is a close relation of the cod but much smaller and found only in the NW Atlantic, from Labrador down to Virginia.’
    • ‘Finally, there was a September eel fishery in the rivers that sustained large runs of these catadromous fish, followed by fall hunting for elk and beavers, and by December, ice-fishing for tomcod.’
    • ‘The atlantic tomcod is one of the predators here, preying on such species as rainbow smelt and mummichog.’