Definition of tomboy in English:



  • A girl who enjoys rough, noisy activities traditionally associated with boys.

    • ‘It would be fair to describe Chloe as a tomboy and I think the activities Scouts do will suit her.’
    • ‘Summer is a great time for tomboys, with all that tree-climbing and outdoor sport.’
    • ‘I was a bit of a tomboy and fancied myself one of the lads.’
    • ‘I was quite the tomboy and spent whole days climbing trees with my brothers.’
    • ‘It sounds stupid, but I wanted to show him I could be a girl too, not just a tomboy.’
    • ‘I've known Chastity since she was young, and this girl was a total tomboy.’
    • ‘It's a really hard thing for a girl to do, especially if you're not a tomboy.’
    • ‘Lots of seven to 10-year-olds are tomboys, into male-style adventure.’
    • ‘The eldest of three children, she had two brothers and was a regular tomboy, but always envisioned herself as a dancer.’
    • ‘Mother's attempts at raising us as proper young girls had transformed us into disobedient tomboys.’
    • ‘He would never consider her next to any of these girls; she was just a fun tomboy to chill with.’
    • ‘Girly, feminine and mostly floral, this season one particular item of clothing will have tomboys quaking in their boots: the dress.’
    • ‘When she was little, she wanted to be a boy, like so many girls brought up in the 1950s with the tomboys Jo in Little Women and George in The Famous Five as role models.’
    • ‘It's still cute for a girl to be a tomboy, but a terrible insult to call a boy a sissy.’
    • ‘It's occurring to me that if I were a kid, I'd be considered something of a tomboy.’
    • ‘Betty admits to being a tomboy and says she found break times more fun playing boys' games.’
    • ‘Research on tomboys suggests that most do not reject traditionally female activities but rather embrace traditionally male ones.’
    • ‘Tailored replica kits, specially-designed leisure wear and even lingerie are all catering for the female fan base and dispelling the myth that girls who like sport are tomboys with short hair who don't like being feminine.’
    • ‘Sure I may like boy things and I don't always dress like the prettiest of girls but I am not a tomboy.’
    • ‘We are a culture that now cherishes our adventurous, aggressive tomboys but balks at boys who cry, nurture, and listen to chick flick soundtracks.’