Definition of tomatine in English:


(also tomatin)


mass nounChemistry
  • A compound of the steroid glycoside class, present in the stems and leaves of the tomato and related plants.

    • ‘Tomatine levels in this variety are compatible to tomatine levels in commercial tomato varieties.’
    • ‘A much smaller surface pressure increase is observed when tomatine is injected beneath a pure DMPC monolayer.’
    • ‘Two common examples are tomatine from tomato and nicotine from tobacco.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the effects of thermal regime and tomatine on food consumption and biomass gained differed for females and males.’
    • ‘In N. crassa, erg-3 mutants display an increased sensitivity to isoflavonoids such as pisatin, maackiain, and biochanin A and increased resistance to the steroidal glycoside tomatine.’


1940s: from tomato + -ine.