• A sweet biscuit made with flour, brown sugar, chocolate chips, and sometimes chopped nuts.

    • ‘They almost makes you not miss tollhouse cookies, and they are much more convenient than making them yourself!’
    • ‘This cookie has a white cookie base similar to a tollhouse cookie.’
    • ‘So there I was, riding the W train to work this morning, holding onto a bag full of homemade tollhouse cookies for the office, skimming along in my bad novel, when the train left Queensboro Plaza and plunged into the tunnel.’
    • ‘It was a strange combination of textures and flavors which tasted a bit like a tollhouse cookie with marshmallow on top.’
    • ‘Others will dispute this, claiming the tollhouse cookie as the region's signature snack.’
    • ‘I have this recipe for great vegan tollhouse cookies, but it never quite works out for me.’


Named after the Toll House in Whitman, Massachusetts, source of the original recipe.


tollhouse cookie