Definition of tokotoko in English:



  • A intricately carved ceremonial Maori walking stick.

    ‘each laureate receives their own tokotoko’
    ‘several other conservationists were presented with tokotoko’
    • ‘A kaumatua thumped his ornately carved tokotoko on the chapel floor and demanded to know why it was taking so long for the church to recognize her virtues.’
    • ‘She held a Maori tokotoko while addressing the audience to stress that she was speaking on behalf of a collective strength of 30 million educators.’
    • ‘Your tokotoko must not get away from you, because once that points to the cloud, you'll drop it.’
    • ‘He will receive his hard-carved tokotoko during his stay in Hawke's Bay.’
    • ‘You never point your tokotoko at a person, because you are belittling them.’
    • ‘There is a reason for that tokotoko—it's not just for showmanship, but it is to safeguard them.’
    • ‘He stood alone atop the multi-tiered tomb, in his hand a tokotoko—a chiefly sign that only he had final say over burial protocol.’
    • ‘It would become clear that the sausages were in fact ginormous stylized tokotoko rendered in sandwiched sheets of laser-cut cardboard and stained with red ink.’
    • ‘The treasures include a waka of unknown origin, a tokotoko, a carved canoe prow, and a funeral cloak, all associated with Maori leaders.’
    • ‘Encircling the tokotoko were small tables and bookcases where the Kiwi trade and educational publishers were selling their wares.’


Mid 18th century: Maori.