Definition of toilsomely in English:



literary, archaic
  • See toilsome

    • ‘The figure they had seen the night before seemed slowly and toilsomely labouring to pile the large stones one upon another, as if to form a small enclosure.’
    • ‘He saw the farmer and the buffalo working toilsomely in the field and observed that countless worms were killed by the plough and treads.’
    • ‘Travelling toilsomely one hot day between Peebles and Selkirk, with his tools over his back, he was overtaken by a carriage containing a grey-haired gentleman, whom he did not know.’
    • ‘While Pompey was thus anxiously and toilsomely endeavoring to gain the sea-shore, Cæsar was completing his victory over the army which he had left behind him.’
    • ‘And regardless of how innocently bought and sold, how toilsomely acquired, or how ancient its pedigree, every existing land title will be found to be spurious if traced to its origin.’