Definition of toilet soap in English:

toilet soap


  • Soap for washing oneself.

    mass noun ‘there was no hot water, neither was there proper toilet soap’
    count noun ‘toilet soaps’
    • ‘So what is it that attracts even a high-profile professional to sell anything from toothbrushes and toilet soaps to fabric cleaners?’
    • ‘Perfumes of any sort, including strong-smelling toilet soaps, should be avoided since the fragrance is carried far by breeze.’
    • ‘As many as 12 varieties of toilet soaps are made at the camps using as many as seven synthetic perfumes and five natural ones such as Eucalyptus, Tulasi, Ramacham, Lemon grass and a mixture of Lemon grass and Tulsi.’
    • ‘If a family could spare just about two hours, they could make 24 cakes of toilet soap.’
    • ‘I mean carbolic soap, household carbolic, not the fancy toilet soap which is on sale today.’
    • ‘The patriarch shows me the rationing document for supplies of wheat flour, rice, sugar, tea, vegetable oil, milk, salt, lentils, white beans, detergent and toilet soap.’
    • ‘Yes, there were the multinationals' luxury toilet soaps and bottles of, one had to assume, shampoos, because the entire description was in Chinese.’
    • ‘Men's toilet soap is also projected to enjoy strong sales growth of 23 percent next year, compared to overall sales growth of toilet soaps of only 19 percent.’
    • ‘The women have displayed a range of goods from soft toys to toilet soaps.’
    • ‘We never used toilet soap, only plain washing Fairy soap.’
    • ‘There's no secret weapon - we use toilet rolls, toilet soap, polish, bleach and disinfectant.’
    • ‘All had toilet paper available, in most cases with spare rolls to hand, and in one notable case the soap for washing was in the form of normal blocks of toilet soap left on the wash basins.’
    • ‘Schoolbags, uniforms, footwear, notebooks, detergent, toilet soaps, coconut oil and a tiffin box were distributed to 16 children at a function held on the premises recently.’
    • ‘Among the items needed are toilet soap, toothpaste, paper towels, toothbrushes, washing powder, washing up liquid and dried food, such as pasta, rice and tinned food.’
    • ‘To prevent the window from misting over when the mask is worn, wet the end of a finger and rub it on a piece of toilet soap.’


toilet soap