Definition of toiler in English:



  • See toil

    • ‘Italy has seen the success of the Slow Food movement, and at a recent conference on idling there, it was claimed that idlers are smarter than toilers as they can do the same amount of work in half the time.’
    • ‘The most important meal in many a toiler's life is the lunch because breakfast seems to be disappearing in our increasingly frenetic lifestyle.’
    • ‘He speaks frequently; the old man speaks from time to time; the woman says almost nothing; but the toilers in the field, row upon row, catch only a few words each before the procession moves on.’
    • ‘They preferred to claim that they had resisted the charms of embourgeoisement and still stood shoulder to shoulder with the fellow toilers from whom they or their parents had sprung.’
    • ‘It is this union movement of city and rural toilers that has the power to end capitalism.’