Definition of toggle switch in English:

toggle switch


  • 1An electric switch operated by means of a projecting lever that is moved up and down.

    • ‘There are also toggle switches operating heating, windows and front and back fog lamps, and the central dash houses all the controls for the audio system, heated rear window and so on.’
    • ‘The driver just needs to release two latches on the windshield header, then hold a toggle switch on the center console while two electric motors pull the stack back in 15 seconds.’
    • ‘The power supply unit features an on/off toggle switch, a red pilot light and a fuse holder.’
    • ‘Scattered around the steering wheel are a selection of different coloured buttons and toggle switches to control various other functions of the car.’
    • ‘A toggle switch on the front panel alternately selects between single-band and multiband compression modes.’
    • ‘The joystick control enables the operator to control steering, direction, and speed with the left hand, and a toggle switch located on top of the joystick allows quick switches between the turtle and rabbit modes.’
    • ‘The instrument panel features toggle switches that you flick up and down to turn things on and off or to open windows.’
    • ‘The dehumidifiers are solidly built and feature a toggle switch for ‘auto-dry’ or ‘always on.’’
    • ‘A toggle switch located near the lights makes it easy to reach.’
    • ‘It was controlled by a single rotary control for forward, reverse and braking and a finger tip toggle switch for steering.’
    • ‘What was a strenuous task is now as easy as flipping the toggle switch that operates the spout.’
    • ‘Activating a low-range mode with a console toggle switch, the driver can automatically prepare several control systems for off-pavement driving.’
    • ‘Contractors can load the device, lift it (by using either a toggle switch control or an optional push-button remote), pin it in place, strap down the load, and drive away.’
    • ‘Two small toggle switches located behind the throttle quadrant operate the alternate system.’
    • ‘It's got toggle switches for everything, like a race car.’
    • ‘Some squad leaders integrated their IPR and ISR radios with a toggle switch that allowed them to move between the two.’
    • ‘But the lamp doesn't do any storage at all, unless you count the mechanical storage of current on/off status by the toggle switch.’
    • ‘In 1976 I opened up my TV and cut the speaker wire so I could connect a 15 foot piece of lamp cord with a toggle switch installed.’
    • ‘Since the molecular mechanism of the switch is not yet known, we use a simple toggle switch for modeling.’
    • ‘Electric air horns were mounted below the roof, with toggle switches at the top and bottom of each stairway.’
  • 2Computing

    another term for toggle


toggle switch