Definition of toecap in English:



  • A piece of steel or leather constituting or fitted over the front part of a boot or shoe as protection or reinforcement.

    • ‘Most designers felt incorrectly, that simply inserting a steel toecap in their conventional riding boot was sufficient to give the rider adequate foot protection.’
    • ‘Haig wondered how he managed to resist the usual urge to plant a toecap on such an inviting target.’
    • ‘They were brand new, under twenty quid with steel toecaps and they've served me well this last month but they do take a while to dry.’
    • ‘He suffered injury by frostbite when, ice and snow entered his boot through a minute and unperceived hole in the toecap and, in the extreme weather conditions existing, the claimant got frostbite in his toe.’
    • ‘Who makes mens boots with an aluminium or lightweight toecap?’
    • ‘‘You need steel toecaps and hard hats for a viewing,’ he says.’
    • ‘New faces fill empty spaces where a battalion of fallen MPs once sat, and the arbitrary brutality of a reshuffle reminds the ranks who wears the steel toecaps of power.’
    • ‘External safety toecaps are permitted as an alternative to protective footwear when a medical condition prevents a worker from wearing normal protective footwear.’
    • ‘The boots had steel toecaps which were designed to protect the claimant in the course of his employment from injury to his toes.’
    • ‘The upper is made from abrasion resistant action nubuck and has a flexible thermoplastic rubber toecap for durability.’
    • ‘Comfortable and durable, these smart sneakers are made from subtle leather and feature fine stitching, with matching rubber toecap and midsole.’
    • ‘These are great, clumping, virtuous blocks of stiff leather with bulbous reinforced toecaps, designed never to wear out.’
    • ‘He will face speeds of up to 80 mph as he goes head first down the run on a solo toboggan, with only serrated metal toecaps acting as brakes.’
    • ‘The boulder I had capped had broken into several smaller and sharper pieces, which had fallen about a metre through the gap in the bottom of the bars, missed my steel toecap and gone direct for the bridge of my foot.’
    • ‘In my day the boots were made from tough leather with a very hard leather toecap and leather studs nailed into the sole and heel.’
    • ‘My face was barely three feet from the lovingly shined toecaps of the royal boots when the prince was ushered into the pulpit to read the lesson.’
    • ‘Why didn't you give it a kick, you've got steel toecaps?’