Definition of toe clip in English:

toe clip


  • A clip on a bicycle pedal to prevent the foot from slipping.

    • ‘Other causes of foot pain include plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis resulting from a saddle that is too low or self-limiting foot paresthesias caused by tight shoes or toe clips.’
    • ‘I was going extremely slowly but couldn't get my shoe out of the toe clip.’
    • ‘As a regular, it's no surprise to me when classes swell after the holidays, filled with newcomers who take too long adjusting their seats or fussing over toe clips, who ignore instructions or complain loudly about the placement of the fans.’
    • ‘Our fatigue test was cycling, which, in our setup without toe clips, can be thought to activate the quadriceps muscle more than the hamstring muscles.’
    • ‘Specialized cycling shoes use toe clips or sole cleats to attach the stiff shoes to the pedals; a correct fit can prevent foot and ankle problems.’
    • ‘Try using toe clips for more emphasis on your calves and hamstrings.’
    • ‘Vicky told me months ago I should invest in toe clips.’
    • ‘You also need a higher-than-normal bottom bracket to prevent toe clips from rubbing against the ground, should you choose to use them.’